2020 AGM Address

Good afternoon everyone

Such an eerie silence has reigned since our last meeting in March. I hope you are all well, and looking after yourselves and others in these strange times. I realise that today should have been our Annual General Meeting so decided to do the next best thing, give a review of what we as an organization have achieved over the last 12 months. Hopefully it will act as a poker to the embers of the fire to save it going out. I often wonder what will happen to some organizations after this is all over and we forget our old routines. No one knows.

The Chairman and I have therefore decided to give you what would have been his address in this better than nothing manner to remind Members that there is no need to remain silent just because of an invisible but not insignificant little bug. We can still use modern wonders to inform each other, complain and harry seemingly slumbering monsters of authority obeying isolation regulations to the full.

10th July 2019

David Masding told us about the C.V.S.C scheme, funded by the National Lottery to assist families with young children who find themselves in financial difficulties.

B.I.D. was supporting funding for the Old Colwyn Christmas Market. O.C.R.A. hoping that there would be funding for “Gateway” signage also.

Cllrs. Carlisle and Cossey were working hard to secure funding from the County Council for the Cefn Road project.

O.C.R.A. making representations to the Council, the Welsh Assembly and Darren Millar A.M. Concerning the vacant building plots lying dormant for decades whilst at the same time agreeing to further development plans in the area.

News that Saint Catherine’s Church was to be sold raises concerns for the War Memorial for which residents had done so much to restore and update.

14th August 2019

Merfyn Thomas gave us an excellent talk on the use of the Great Orme as a defence position at the time of the second war.

Moves commenced to use disused phone box at old post office as a defibrillator unit.

Cllr. Cossey told us that 2 members of the County Council were to be nominated for the Committee to look after maintenance of the War Memorial in Old Colwyn.

A local building firm had donated £200 to the Association in order that a professional graffiti artist could enhance the subway under the rail track. This requires permission from the Trunk Road Agency which is still awaited.

David Jones MP came to speak to us. It was obvious that word had circulated and many who held radically opposed sentiments to Brexit and in particular David himself attended who don’t normally. The hall was full and he faced stiff and persistent questioning concerning the life threatening effects of leaving the E.U. on medicine supplies. Later research revealed that the medicine referred to was in short supply world-wide because the American manufacturer no longer produced it and did not come from Europe. It should be noted that this Association has no political purpose or leaning. David was invited as our local M.P. and attends every year as would any other democratically elected representative of any political colour.

11th September 2019

Helen Jackson from the County Council attended to tell us about the “Imagine” project. It is Heritage Lottery funded and seeks to recognise and promote the history and culture of our area in order partly to raise its profile as a tourist venue. She also explained the “Northern Eye” scheme where photographs would be displayed in prom. shelters featuring local small business ventures.

Cllr Cossey had received a cheque of £375.00p from the Council for use in the maintenance of our war memorial.

9th October 2019

Lindsey Thomas came to us to tell us about Saint Kentigern. They currently have 8 beds to care for those suffering terminal conditions. It costs £4,300 per day to run and funds emanate from their shops, lotteries and 16% from the N.H.S.

The Chairman and Secretary attended a meeting at the Town Hall where the Council were trying to implement the recommendations of the Carnegie report which advocates that ordinary people should be encouraged to be more involved in decision making in the town’s development. There are three sectors to target: Individuals, Businesses and the Voluntary Sector.

It has been learnt that B.I.D., who recently held their A.G.M. is likely to cease in 2021. It is imperative that Old Colwyn secures its one third share of the legacy.

There was concern that the recent motor rally organisers were seeking to charge people who had no interest in the event £20 to enter the promenade. (We have since received assurance that this will not occur again).

Cllr. Barton working hard to install defibrillators in the village.

The Y.G.C. park and Ride is to be retained for a further 6 months.

13th November 2019

Lianne told us that “No Messing” cameras were working well. Car numbers being recorded, and action to be taken. Templates were displayed of the notices for the poster completion prior to the final permanent image. There is now a £120p fund for the prize giving, adding to Hillary Hughes M.B.E.’s £40 as the author of the scheme. A fitting tribute to someone who was devoted to public duty.

Remembrance Sunday was a huge success thanks to Merfyn Thomas, Canon Quentin and all the organizations that took part so efficiently.

11th December 2020

Kai told us it was estimated that at least 8,000 people attended the Christmas Market. Kai and his team were congratulated on their efforts.

Peter and Kath Calcott from Sure Hope Church explained their ”Food Share” scheme, as opposed to “Food Bank”. The idea was to obtain foodstuffs from supermarkets which would otherwise be wasted, and distribute it to those in need. They outlined future plans of the Church as a community centre.

Rock at £1.6 M purchased for sea defence at Colwyn.

8th January 2020

Cllr. Barton had attended a meeting where the proposed 22 house were discussed at Dolwen Road to voice his opinions.

B.I.D. is to be wound up. £40,000 will be Old Colwyn’s share meaning project Cefn Road will proceed. O.C.R.A. would be the agent applying for further available grants for this.

It was noted that Cllrs. Cossey and Carlisle had worked very hard in support of the sea defence using the media where possible to good effect. Noted that £34M had been allocated for raising prom. 1.6 Metres.

12 February 2020

Cllr. Mark Jones had donated his £200 Councillor’s allowance to this Association. Letter of thanks sent 12th February 2020.

Jeremy Grant came from Conwy County Council in response to our concern over the unused building plots over many years. He said there were 41 empty domestic houses in the county, some for over 5 years. After 6 months, owners were required to pay rates of some degree and holiday homes were also charged extra. He told us that there was legislation to compel owners with unsafe or untidy property, with power to compulsory purchase. He had no knowledge of pending legislation to rate unfinished building plots, which builders currently avoid, but was in communication with the owner of the site at Endsleigh Road.

13th March 2020

Owl, the crime awareness scheme is to finish. Secretary has written to the Police Commissioner with a view to an alternative scheme, but to date there is no reply.

3 youths dealt with by police re A.S.B. and egg throwing etc. 3 arrested Llandulas for burglary.

“No Messing” signs completed and ready for placement. Presentation and prize giving to be arranged. Funding for “No Messing” is to stop which means no Ambassadors and no one to monitor cameras. Volunteers are requested for this and training will be given.

Secretary attended meeting of “Image” referred to above at 11th September 2019 where various suggestions were aired from attendees. His contribution was to make full use of the Welsh heritage and culture as a tourist interest citing areas of Patagonia where tourism thrives solely on the history of the Welsh and the Welsh settlers there. Contrast this with Llandudno, the Queen of Welsh resorts, which has chosen Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee and Alice in Wonderland.

Summing Up

This is but a brief synopsis of our main activities over the year. There is no reason we should stop being a nuisance to some, and a help to others with modern technology, so please let me know what needs attention and we’ll see what can be done with the resources we have.

March was our last meeting, and we look forward to normality as soon as possible.