Minutes of 11th March 2020 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Cheryl, Dave and Lynne Horsley and Kai.

(3) Police Report

Alex, our PCSO attended: A.S.B. 3 local youths have been identified and action is being taken. 5 arrested after spate of burglaries Llandulas. Eggs thrown at property Kensington Avenue.

Drug dealing Min y Don Park and near the football ground. Please be alert to activity, especially car registration numbers which should be written down. Information will be treated with strict anonymity.

"Owl" is to finish. This Association is in communication with the Police Commissioner hoping to establish a media replacement covering Old Colwyn. We feel that a public/police immediate line of communication is essential.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary attended an "Imagine" meeting at Conwy where ideas were sought raise the profile of the County. New local Heritage trails are envisaged. An example is the proposed lighting displays on St. John’s Church although care would be required to avoid light pollution. (Secretary’s contribution was that Welsh historical and cultural aspects could be enhanced as visitor attractions, especially in Llandudno where Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee and the Mad Hatter have assumed this role).

(5) Treasurer's Report

Association: £188.32p (includes Poster Project £120), Memorial £1,600, Defibrillator £300, and £200 Graffiti Project. Permission is still awaited from Highways and the Assembly. Should we return the money to the donor?

(6) Matters Arising from Minutes of 12th February 2020 Meeting

(a) L.D.P.

No further news

(b) B.I.D.

No further news

(c) No Messing

Lianne attended with the completed signs for the children’s poster competition which were impressive. Arrangements are in hand for members of the Association to attend the school in order to present the prize money, £120 with press attendance. Locations for the signs have been decided upon with 5 signs in reserve.

Lianne told us that funding for the No Messing scheme had been stopped. We now urgently need residents to assume responsibility for monitoring the two cameras in our possession. Training will be given for this. Please let Secretary know if you are able to assist. Also we have lost the Ambassadors who were such a help with our Litter Picks.

(d) Pier/Prom

Noted that there was a cyclist dismount notice travelling westward, but none in the eastward direction. Resident had witnessed a minor collision between cyclist and pedestrian.

Work on pier platform continuing.

(e) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

To commence in May

(f) Defibrillator Fund

No further news to date

(g) Old Colwyn Events

Kai has, since this meeting, contacted the Secretary to say that arrangements for future events are progressing well. He has applied to the Coop for a grant under the auspices of the Association. He appreciates any assistance members are able to offer. Kai’s work and commitment were remarked upon favourably.

(h) Cefn Road Project

No further news

(i) St. John’s Planning Permission

No further news. Canon Quentin noted that dog owners were allowing their dogs to run off lead in the grounds. He was very reluctant to lock the gates to the public, but might have to consider this.

(j) Over grown hedges Coed Coch Road & Station Road

Coed Coch Road attended to, but it was felt that the Station Road issue required further attention.

(k) Web Hits February

Up again 452 unique. Please help by circulating our address https://www.oldcolwynresidents.org where appropriate.

(l) Broken Railings Near Folley


(m) Street Lighting Wynn Gardens


(n) Community Green Pledge

It was felt that this was an issue best dealt with by using our site to encourage the reduction of carbon producing activities where we can. As an Association, we can continue with our Litter Picks etc.

(o) Owl Replacement

As reported at (3) above we are hoping that the Commissioner will support our efforts to establish a means of immediate and relevant communication between us and the police. Public support is essential for the Police.

(7) Any Other Business

There was none. Meeting closed at 7.50pm, and the next meeting would be at 7.00pm, Wednesday 8th April 2020, at the same venue.