Minutes of 12th February 2020 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Cllr Cossey, Lyn and Dave Horsley, Christine, Heulwen and David Masding

(3) Police Report


(4) Empty Houses & Building Plots Talk

The Chairman introduced Jeremy Grant from Conwy County Borough Council who outlined their policy in relation to empty dwellings as follows:

41 houses in Old Colwyn have been empty for 6 months or more, some longer than 5 years in various tax bands. There were many reasons including: Structural repairs, occupants in residential care or deceased. 76 were unoccupied for no specific reason but after 6 months, were rated.

From 1st April 2019, long term vacant properties and holiday homes are taxed at varying rates up to 100% in an effort to encourage their maximum use. He went on to explain that there existed legislation available to be used to deal with dilapidated or dangerous buildings and sites and premises, untidy land, enforced sales to recover debts or in order to deal with pests or nuisances. There also exists legislation to purchase in order to improve where the owner refuses to do so. Jeremy explained that although powers existed, it did not necessarily imply a duty to use them.

There were 2 locations in Colwyn where foundations had been laid for decades, but not completed where no tax could be collected. Jeremy was in contact with the owner of the Endsleigh Road site and a housing association had shown interest, however the builder had not been willing to complete the project to their requirements. He would maintain communication with the builder. Jeremy was unaware of any proposed national legislation believed to be in preparation designed to deal with this issue.

Jeremy was thanked by the Chairman for his attendance and explanation and received a round of applause.

(5) Secretary's Report

Cllr Mark Jones had donated his Town Council Allowance of £200.00 to this Association. Cllr Bob Barton had also donated his allowance towards the Defibrillator Project. Thanks to both.

(6) Treasurer's Report

Cllr Cossey is on holiday and provides the following:-

OCRA - £160.17 (includes £ for school poster competition), Memorial - £1602, Defibrillator - £300, Cllr Mark Jones - £200;

(7) Matters Arising from Minutes of 8th January 2020 Meeting

(a) LDP

As in (4) above

(b) B.I.D.

No further news

(c) No Messing

No further news. Cheryl will contact Leanne

(d) Pier/Prom

Work on truncated pier is awaiting weather improvement. Work commenced on promenade stone revetment. Recent storm Ceira had caused major problems at Beach Road, where Afon Colwyn had overflowed flooding cars etc. Problems at Coed Coch Road blocked feeder streams caused flooding. The Leisure Centre had been used as a temporary emergency centre for some families when houses on the new estate at Dolwen Road flooded. It appears that removal of trees and new buildings had affected the natural water course. Cheryl is in contact with the planning authorities with regard to further building in the area. She is also in contact with the water authorities and the Fairy Glen Nature Reserve re storm damage.

(e) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

2 years, no action

(f) Defibrillator Fund

No further news to date

(g) Christmas Market

Now Old Colwyn Events Organization. Kai explained that they had lost their major sponsor and were in search of another. Prices had risen, and it may be necessary to raise stall pricing for the next event.

Planning continued for the Summer Fair for which there would be free entry.

(h) Cefn Road Project

Kai informed us that it should be born in mind when placing power points that if supply is too expensive, that generators would be used instead by stall holders at events there.

(i) St. John's Planning Permission

No further information but the “Imagine” scheme hope to display holograms on the walls there

(j) Beach Road Trees

Secretary in receipt of reply from Council, who state that the owner may use qualified tree surgeons to attend to any trees as long as the Council is informed, and the work is completed in compliance with legal requirements. Complainant has been informed of result.

(k) Overgrown Hedges Coed Coch & Station Road

Cheryl has contacted owners of both requesting attention.

(l) Rubbish Back Abergele Road

Attended To

(m) Poor Surface Zig Zag Path

Council state that surface is adequate

(8) Web Hits

390 unique hits. Gradual improvement each month.

(9) Any Other Business

(a) Railings Near Folley Broken

Council aware of this

(b) Youths in St. John's Causing Nuisance

Police to be informed

(c) Street Light new Wynn Gardens

Scottish Power informed

(d) Caravans at Min y Don and Berthes Road Car Park

Whilst any vehicle stationary on a public highway is a technical offence of obstruction, it would appear that caravans have the same status as a car.

(e) Rememberence Day Service

Merfyn informed us that the next Remembrance Day would see the attendance of a Bugler and Drummer

(10) Meeting Closed

Cheryl had recently met with David Jones MP who extends his best wishes to the Membership. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8:07pm