Minutes of 8th January 2020 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

From Kai

(3) Secretary's Report

Jeremy Grant from Conwy Council has agreed to attend our February meeting to explain the policy regarding empty properties and idle foundation sites.

(4) Treasurer's Report

Association £150.82, Graffiti £200.00, Memorial £1,602, Defibrillator £300.00, “No Messing” prize money £100.00 (£40.00 Hilary Hughes, plus £60.00 donations from 3 Committee Members).

(5) Police Report

Not present. Reports of cars being set alight at Tan y Lan, one and Llysfaen, 3.

(6) Minutes of 11th December 2019 Meeting

(a) Sure Hope Talk

Talk about Food Share scheme was well received

(b) L.D. Planning

Cllr. Barton attended meeting 8th January 2020, objecting to planned 22 dwellings at Dolwen Road. Application approved subject to satisfaction of waste collection issues.

Cllr. Barton supported the proposed rock revetment for which £1.6M has been released for defences at the eastern end of the promenade prior to the major defence works. He supplied plans and details of this meeting to the Secretary which are available for inspection by Members on request.

(c) B.I.D

Cllr. Cossey informed us that B.I.D. would be wound up. Old Colwyn’s legacy share is £40,000 which means that the Cefn Road project may now commence. Estimated £12,000 for resurfacing and lighting. Furniture will include talking benches, flower beds, waste bins and water points to cater for occasions, i.e. Christmas Markets.

Cllr. Cossey requested that this Association could be the entity through which we may apply for available grants to realise this project. Unsurprisingly, unanimous agreement.

(d) No Messing

Committee had met and decided on locations for the 28 signs which are now being prepared. There is now £100.00 in the prize fund. Chairman and Secretary will attend prize giving ceremony. Secretary in possession of list of sign locations of which there are 23, with 5 being retained for future trouble spots.

(e) Pier/Prom

In addition to (b) above, the Old Colwyn sea defence work is now to commence with first stage revetments ((b) above) to be completed this spring. £34M is allocated to raise promenade 1.6 metres.

Our Councillors, Cheryl and Brian, have worked hard for some years to keep this issue in the media and minds of the relevant authorities.

(f) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

Still no movement

(g) Defibrillator Fund

Bob working hard to increase this. He has been selling homemade jams to this end. £40.00 to date.

(h) War Memorial

No further information

(i) Graffiti Project

Still awaiting go ahead from Cardiff

(j) Christmas Market

News that Kai has received poor redundancy payment after losing his post at Porth Eirias.

(k) Cefn Road Project

As in (c) above (B.I.D)

(l) Bus Stop Ship

No news

(m) St. John's Planning

No further information

(n) Beach Road Trees

Secretary visited complainant recently and work still outstanding. Secretary to follow up.

(o) Speeding Vehicles Endsleigh Road

This is a general complaint applying to most residential areas.

(p) Web Hits

261 unique visitors

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Payment via ATM's

Complaint received that people now have no facility to pay gas bills via ATM in Old Colwyn, nearest machines at Colwyn Bay. There seems to be little knowledge of this but enquiries are to be made. Facility at Co-op Cefn Road not available now.

(b) St Catherine's Church

No news re apparent sale

(c) Overgrown Hedges, Coed Coch Road

Near property owned by Wales and West Utilities. Ditto Station Road near Red lion. Enquiries to be made.

(d) Council Cardboard Collection

Should Council collect cardboard placed beside bins? Yes! Apparently not always done.

(e) Rubbish Back Abergele Road

Been there for weeks

(f) Zig Zag Path

Zig Zag path has been resurfaced, but should it have been tamped down to save erosion?

(7) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, meeting closed at 7.40pm. Next meeting 12th February 2020