Minutes of 11th December 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

From Lianne, Lynne and Dave H, and David Davies-Jones.

(3) Police Report

Not present. Alf had met Alex who explained that she was very busy and a new supervisory officer was in charge.

(4) Secretary's Report

(a) Food Glorious Food

Then & Now meeting at the new County Council offices at 10.00am, Tuesday 17th December 2019 with the subject "Food Glorious Food". Come with your special recipes. All welcome. Report to reception where you will be met by someone who will give a short account of the new building.

(b) Christmas Market

Secretary had received many comments praising the success of the Christmas Market and the work of Kai and his team in order to achieve this.

(c) Courses

James Donaldson is organizing a series of courses, all free, on dealing with stress management, memory and decision making and positive thinking between 9:30am & 12:00pm at the North Wales Golf Club, Llandudno. Sessions 17th, 24th, and 31st January 2020 & 7th & 21st February 2020. For information about other sessions in wider area, contact Secretary.

(5) Treasurer's Report

Association: £113.82 (£30.00p due for rent of hall). Memorial Fund £1602.00. Graffiti Fund £200.00. Defibrillator Fund £300.00p.

(6) Sure Hope Church Food Share

Peter and Kath Calcott from Sure Hope Church gave an account of their work with “Food Share”, not to be confused with “Food Bank” which one must be referred to. The aim was to minimise loss of dignity and present a community based project

Supermarkets have a wastage rate of up to 30% (out of date and dented goods etc.) which otherwise goes to land fill. Sure Hope make use of this. There are 150 local families signed up to the scheme. Peter distributed a hand out and questionnaire with the request that all complete and return to Sure Hope. They have liaisons with the Job Centre, Coleg Llandrillo and the Town Council from whom grants have been obtained.

There are plans to turn a building at Sure Hope into a Community Centre for communal educational purposes. It is hoped that this Association may form a fruitful association with Sure Hope. They were given a round of applause.

(7) Minutes of 13th November 2019 Meeting

(a) Local Development Plan

Consultation complete. Results awaited

(b) B.I.D.

Will finish in 2020. It is hoped that the Cefn Road project may benefit from Old Colwyn’s share of the cash legacy.

(c) No Messing

Lianne reports to Secretary that the Children’s Poster Competion will be complete at end of 2019 with some 40 posters ready for display. Suggestions are required for locations. Please advise Secretary. Committee to meet to finalise. Signs placed Ffordd Elias and Llysfaen Road. Fouling in Llanelian Road.

(d) Pier/Prom

£1.6M as first tranche received and rock emergency defence purchased. Our Councillors, Brian and Cheryl had worked over many years to hasten the promenade work and were thankful to Ian Liang, a journalist who had been instrumental in ensuring publicity to this end.

Kai reported that Porth Erias is to be closed with the loss of 40 jobs.

Noted that toilets on prom closed

(e) Yellow Lines Cliff Road

Awaited still

(f) Defibrillators

Bob informed us that they were selling preserves in order to add to the fund.

(g) War Memorial

No further news to date

(h) Graffiti Project

Still awaiting the go ahead from Cardiff

(i) Christmas Market

Kai told us that some 8,000 had attended. 400 received free gifts at the Grotto and entry had been free, unlike the Prom Day event. Meeting 8th January 2020 to start planning the next event.

(j) Cefn Road Project

No further information

(k) Bus Stop The Ship

No news

(l) St. John's Church Planning

No further information

(m) Tree Beach Road

Secretary has yet to receive a reply from Council. He will follow up.

(n) Web Hits

219 unique visitors

(o) Empty Properties/Foundations

Legislation is being drafted to deal with this promoted by Darren Millar, our AM. Secretary has been in contact with the Council Dept. with responsibility who has offered to address this Association in the near future.

(8) Any Other Business

(a) Speeding Vehicles Endsleigh Road

Members noted this occurred in several residential highways. Bob observed that police have recording equipment used in parts of Denbighshire which could possibly be used in affected streets.

(9) Meeting Closed

Meeting closed at 8:05pm, next meeting 8th January 2020