Minutes of 13th November 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the register

(2) Apologies

Monty Slocombe, David (Web Master) and Pat Clowse

(3) Police Report

None available

(4) Presentation by Peter Calcraft

Wasn’t received as Peter couldn’t make the meeting. He will come in December to bring us up to date with the new projects for the Sure Hope church.

(5) Secretary's Report

As Monty wasn’t at the meeting there wasn’t a full report. However he had received a letter from Darren Millar AM outlining the progress of legislation to charge rates for idle building plots. This is currently awaiting further action from Westminster.

(6) Treasurer's Report

Association money £104.94, having paid rent £40 and insurance £69.20.

Memorial Money £1602.00 having paid £228.00 for hedge cutting, £375.00 for cleaning the plaques and £100.00 for repainting the lettering. Merfyn Thomas was thanked for organising these.

£200 for graffiti project and £300.00 for defibrillator project.

(7) Minutes of the 9th October 2019 Meeting

(a) Local Development Plan Consultation

Finished, awaiting the results

(b) B.I.D.

It was reported that this will be coming to an end. There is a postal ballot taking place of the businesses to confirm this and to see whether they will pay next year’s levy or not. There should be a sum of money in the B.I.D. account due to be spent in Old Colwyn.

(c) No Messing

Lianne was present and brought us up to date with the camera positions. They are around Sefton Road, Queensway and Station Road, and Princess Road.

A dog was seen fouling on the beach, a car registration number has been taken so further action is anticipated.

She has done 3 school talks and one school, St Josephs, has held a picture competition. Lianne showed us about 20 pictures. The meeting agreed that these should be converted into signs for the village, we should get 2 of each - dependent on what the printer can do for us. The meeting also agreed that the prize money should be presented to the school - £40.00. When the signs are ready the Chairman and Secretary can visit the school, present the cheque and show the children the new signs. Lianne was congratulated for her hard work.

(d) Pier/Prom

The new truncated pier construction is under way should be finished by June/July. £1.6million has been allocated by Welsh Government towards the Old Colwyn sea defence. The meeting obviously knew this was only a small amount compared to the £34million needed, but were pleased to hear that it was on the WG radar.

(e) Cefn Road Bus Stop

No change, although it was reported that the County Council are currently reviewing all the road marking and yellow lines in the village. The Councillors will be consulted.

(f) Yellow Lines Cliff Road

See above

(g) Defibrillators

No further news

(h) War Memorial

See Treasurer’s report re payments made. The Remembrance Sunday service went ahead and was well attended. The Chairman laid the wreath on behalf of the Association. A member asked that in future years an announcement be made that the service is to start as some people were still talking after the vicar had started.

(i) Graffiti Project

Still waiting for permission from the Trunk Road Agency

(j) Christmas Market

We were advised that the Market was going ahead and arrangements were all well in hand. There had been comments made that the advertising was only in English. Once the committee was made aware of the issue they have arranged for posters in Welsh as well.

(k) Cefn Road Project

With the demise of B.I.D no one was sure if this was still a possibility. The Councillors will still be putting this forward.

(l) The Ship Bus Shelter

Nothing futher to report

(m) Sale of St Catherine's Church

No further information at this time

(n) St Johns Church Hall Change of Use

A resident told us that although she didn’t object to the change of use, as a dance centre will be an asset to the village, she was very concerned that there may be a noise nuisance to neighbours as sound systems now are much louder than those around when the Hall was built. The members agreed with her that a close eye needs to be kept on this situation.

(o) Tree Beach Road

The Secretary had written to the County Council in support of the resident of Beach Road. No response has been received to date.

(p) Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Park and Ride

A letter has been received from the Minister, Vaughan Gething, advising there was to be a 6 month extension to this scheme. Cllr Cheryl is also voicing the opinion of residents that there needs to be a permanent solution.

(8) Web Hits

252 unique

(9) Any Other Business

It was reported that 2 Council workers had cleared and cut the Zig Zag Path. They should be congratulated for the work they have done, working so hard in terrible weather.

One resident told us that rather than phone Ysbyty Glan Clwyd to find out how a patient is fairing, he had been told it would be easier if he went to A&E and asked them!

(10) Meeting Closed

Next meeting 11th December at 7:00pm