Minutes of 9th October 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Merfyn, Rhiannon & Lynne Horsley.

(3) Police Report

Non forthcoming

(4) St. Kentigern's Hospice

Lindsey Thomas area manager of Saint Kentigern’s gave an overview of the organization which was instigated by a “friends group” in 1995 at H.M. Stanley hospital. They started with 4 beds and gradually increased to 4 beds by 2010 thanks to grants from various sources. Saint Kentingern covers an area from Colwyn Bay to Flint and Corwen giving help to those suffering from conditions like cancer, MS, motor neuron disease including respite assistance for carers. It costs £1.6 million per annum to run, or £4,300 per day. Income is sourced from 3 income shops, lotteries, 16% the N.H.S., donations, legacies and various friends groups who organise events such as dances, coffee mornings and cake sales etc. There are groups at Abergele, Denbigh and Prestatyn and of course, we have shops in Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn

Lindsey supplied information concerning various activities and details of upcoming fund raising events. Please consider what you and those close to you might do to support this worthwhile organization in whatever way you are able.

Lindsey was thanked for her attendance and presentation.

(5) Secretary's Report

Chairman and Secretary had attended the initial meeting at the Bay of Colwyn Council chambers where Tina Earley Clerk to the Council gave the outlines of the Council’s response to the Carnegie report which suggests that every effort be made to involve people at ground level in the future development of their towns. Our County Council formulated a Corporate plan in May, 2018., which sited three sections of the community: The individual, Business and Voluntary sectors. It is hoped that representatives from each will come forward to form a steering committee at a meeting to be called in November, 2019

It is noted that there is difficulty in getting the younger generation to take an interest in public affairs. However, Bob Barton sited the Annual Volunteer Awards scheme where the young featured strongly.

The main thrust will be the positive engagement of people in our town’s future development rather than the negative attitude sometimes experienced. One current development issue generating much discussion is the proposed 500 new builds in Old Colwyn. Members of the Residents Association who are interested in participating as part of the voluntary sector please inform the Secretary. Your chance to join the dance and (hopefully) make a difference.

(6) Treasurer's Report

Association funds: £204.34p, (£40.00 Hillary Hughes donation) War Memorial: £2,305p (£100.00p used for repainting thanks to Merfyn and Brian for organizing) £200.00p Graffiti Project. £300.00p Defibrillator Fund. Arrangements being made to cut hedge surrounding memorial.

(7) Minutes of 11th September 2019 Meeting

Circulated and accepted

(a) Housing Development

Public consultation completed

(b) B.I.D.

A.G.M. held September 2019 well attended. Extraordinary Meeting proposed for 30th October 2019 where it seems likely that the venture will cease in 2021. Levies will continue till 2020 however. To date there is a 98.7% payment rate which is likely to rise. Money in hand will be distributed in the constituent areas.

(c) No Messing

No further information

(d) Pier/Prom

During Rally pedestrians were asked for £20.00 in order to walk on prom. One entering from beach was asked to pay. There had been insufficient prior information about this. Secretary to write to organizers asking for better publicity in future.

Fence away from pier posts. Work on cast iron work going ahead. Difficulties in obtaining suitable wood for flooring as teak not now available.

There is to be a public meeting at 5.30pm Tuesday, 15th October 2019, of the Economy and Place at Conwy County Borough Council where there is an item on the agenda concerning our end of the promenade. For further information go to: https://modgoveng.conwy.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=939&MId=7868&Ver=4

(e) Cefn Road Bus Stop

Council are to review all bus stops etc in December. In addition, yellow lines are to be considered for updating. Now is your chance to supply information where necessary

(f) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

As in (e) above

(g) Defibrillator

Bob has been busy consulting with the school re location and also the refurbished Coop where there is possibility of further funding for this and perhaps other local causes. Discussions continue re the defunct phone box.

(h) War Memorial

As reported at (6) Treasurer’s report above.

(i) Graffiti Project

Still awaiting permission to proceed from Roads Agency

(j) Christmas Market

Cheryl reported that meeting continue each Monday, and things are progressing well.

(k) Cefn Road Project

This is an integral part of B.I.D. (see item (7) (b) above, therefore currently in abeyance.

(l) Bus Shelter Ship

See (7)(e) above.

(m) Sale of St. Catherine's Church

It has been sold, and there are rumours that it is to become an Arts Centre.

(n) Abandoned Cars

Dealt with by Alex

(o) Web Hits

Unique visits: 326, Visits: 469, Pages: 1,638, Hits: 4,012.

(p) Notice board

Bob had removed out of date notices creating extra space. Extra boards require funding.

(8) Any Other Business

(a) Proposals for St. John's Hall

To be used as a school for performing arts. Residents in Saint John’s Cres. Concerned re possible noise. It was pointed out that permission must be obtained for “change of use” whereby the legal process should be complied with.

(b) Beach Road Oak

Resident in Beech Road concerned re oak tree overhanging her house. Several request to Council to attend have not been responded to. Secretary to write to appropriate department.

(c) Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Park and Ride

Concern re park and ride at YGC, which is to cease. Secretary to write to Betsi Cadwalader and appropriate minister, Vaughan Gething AM

(9) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, meeting closed at 8.12pm. Next meeting 13th November 2019.