Minutes of 11th September 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance log

(2) Apologies

Apologies were received from Monty Slocombe and Cllr Cheryl Carlisle

(3) Police Report

No officer in attendance

(4) Presentation

The meeting received a presentation from Helen Jackson regarding a newly funded project, Heritage Lottery Fund, called Imagine. It is to increase and recognise the culture and value of Colwyn including the built environment, natural landscape and social history and the myriad of collections already available through many avenues e.g. schools, various community groups and organisations. The soon to be public consultation on Colwyn Bay will also come into their purview with a 3D image being available.

Helen mentioned the Northern Eye Photo Festival that will take place during October with the promenade shelters being used as display boards along with Theatre Colwyn. This lead to a discussion from members as to how these types of events are publicised. One member suggested that the Council and others should be looking at large advertising space in the Pioneer. Not everyone is on the Internet whereas the newspaper is well distributed around the village. Helen and Brian Cossey said they would look into this.

Helen gave an update on the refurbishment of the Dandos shop. Should be open December/January and will have a number of uses including businesses being able to rent small spaces for short periods of time calling them ‘drop in spaces’.

Helen was thanked for her presentation and promised to return when she had further information to pass on.

(5) Secretary's Report

The address by David Jones MP was well attended with some 50 or more people present. A precis of the occasion has been circulated to members of OCRA and is available on our website. THIS Association has no political affiliations. The meeting was arranged by us and as a public event was open to all. The discussion focused mainly on Brexit and views were expressed from both sides of the divide.

(6) Treasurer's Report

  • Association Money: £192.74, including £ for prizes
  • Memorial: £2305.00
  • Graffiti: £200.00
  • Defibrillator: £300.00

(7) Minutes of 14th August 2019 Meeting

The minutes were agreed

(8) Housing Developments

2 public consultation events had been run in the village by the County Council one during the day and one in the evening. They had been well attended. A specimen letter was handed out for anyone who wished to object to the proposals.

(9) B.I.D.

The Chairman told the meeting that the AGM of BID was taking place tonight and it looked very likely that BID would not continue. There would be more information next month.

(10) Vacant Building Plots

Looking as though the Assembly might be passing legislation to penalise developers who get planning permission, lay foundations but then don’t complete the build. A member asked if it was possible for the Council to start charging Council Tax once permission had been given rather than on completion. Cllr Cossey will investigate.

(11) No Messing

Liane wasn’t at the meeting so no update

(12) Pier/Prom

A member asked if it was possible to replace the rusting railings on the prom. Advised by others that it wasn’t in our best interests to do that as we wanted a complete new sea defence and promenade first.

(13) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Councillors still working to get it removed.

(14) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

Councillors still working to get them implemented

(15) Defibrillator

No further news

(16) War Memorial

Treasurer reported that he had just signed a cheque for £375.00 to pay for the cleaning of all the plaques. He is still trying desperately to find a sign writer to repaint the lettering. First meeting of the new committee is 19th September at the Town Hall.

(17) Graffiti Project

Still waiting for licence from the Trunk Road Agency. It has been agreed by Welsh Assembly Highways.

(18) Christmas Market

Still going ahead all the spaces within the church have been filled, some available on the street and in the tent.

(19) Cefn Road Meeting

No progress as BID money may not be available.

(20) Bus Shelter at The Ship

No progress

(21) Sale of St. Catherine's

No further information

(22) Totally Ape Sale

No further information

(23) Abandoned Cars

No further information, police not in attendance

(24) Web Hits

Visitors 379, Visits 448, Hits 3184

(25) Any Other Business

Could we have another notice board to publicise events, will ask the Town Council as the boards are their property?

(26) Meeting Closed

Next meeting 9th October 7:00pm