Minutes of 14th August 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the list

(2) Apologies

Apologies were recorded from: Dennis and Pat Clowser, Richard P, Lynn and Dave Horsley, Monty.

(3) Police Report

The PCSOs were in attendance and had nothing to report. Asked about Wynn Gardens damage they were no further forward.

(4) Presentation

Merfyn Thomas gave us a talk on the Gunnery School on the Great Orme, which was really well received.

(5) Treasurer's Report

  • Our Money: £183.58
  • Memorial: £2305.00
  • Graffiti: £200.00
  • Defibrillator: £300.00

(6) Housing Development

The Councillors gave a presentation on the proposal to build 450 new houses in Old Colwyn off Peulwys Lane. It is important that residents attend the consultation taking place at Sure Hope Church on 20th August 10am till 6pm to put forward their views to Council officers. A further consultation has been promised for an evening in September. The date and time will be published on the website as soon as they are available.

(7) Minutes of 10th July 2019 Meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

(a) B.I.D.

Cheryl from BID gave an update. The hanging baskets were buy 3 get 3 free. She was working on a system for allowing people to fill water bottles at shops for free. There would be a beach clean on 21st September she hoped businesses and residents would get involved. BID are involved with the rally taking place on the promenade in Colwyn Bay and is looking for volunteers to help with stewarding.

(b) Vacant Building Plots

Monty is contacting our AM Darren Millar to discuss a way forward.

(c) No Messing

There was no report from Lianne as the schools are on holiday.

(d) Pier/Prom

The truncated pier construction will commence shortly. Some work had been carried out in the tunnel/bridge opposite the pier entrance.

(e) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Councillors will be discussing this at a meeting arranged with the Highways Dept

(f) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

Councillors will be discussing this as well at the meeting

(g) Defibrillator

Cheryl from BID told the meeting of the discussion she’d had with Councillors about potentially taking over the telephone box by the old Post Office as a site for the defibrillator. The Town Clerk of the Bay of Colwyn Town Council was looking into this for us. We were advised that the defibrillator at Hen Golwyn School was theirs and will hopefully be moved onto the school gate when this has a new electric lock installed.

(h) War Memorial

The Town Council has now provided 2 names to sit on the War Memorial committee. A meeting would be called early September to set it up and transfer the money.

(i) Graffiti Project

The Councillors are waiting for approval from the Trunk Road Agency. Welsh Government, who own the tunnel, have no objection.

(j) Christmas Market

We had an update on the Christmas Market. All in hand for an extended Market. Next committee meeting is Monday if anyone wants to attend and help.

(k) Cefn Road

Councillors meeting various officers on Friday 16th August to discuss

(l) Bus Shelter Outside Ship

No progress

(m) Sale of St. Catherines Church

Apart from rumours no one had any idea who was buying it. We will obviously need to keep an eye on this as to how it might affect the War Memorial.

(n) Alterations to Methodist Church Hall

No further information, early days.

(8) Any Other Business

(a) Totally Ape

It was said that it appears someone is considering purchasing the Going Ape site as they had asked to be allowed to fly a drone over the building to check the roof. There were concerns over noise levels if it is to become a dance studio.

(b) Abandoned Cars

There was concern over the number of apparently abandoned cars in the village and who pays for their removal, Councillors to investigate.