Minutes of 10th July 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Patricia, Alex PCSO, Lynne and David Horsley, Christine and Cheryl.

(3) Police Report

Alex unable to attend, but had submitted a report just prior to meeting:

Patrols continue Min y Don Park. No further news re Wynn Gardens Criminal Damage. Youngsters running over roofs Penmaenrhos area. No development on graffiti offender. Have a Panad with the police at 1.30pm to 3.30pm at the Co-op, Cefn Rd on 18th July 2019. Funding approved for 20 youngsters to receive sailing training at Porth Eirias 4.30pm to 6.00pm Fridays.

(4) Chairman

Welcomed all to the Meeting and told all that with effect from the next meeting, 14th August 2019, the meeting time would revert to 7.00pm, as Weight Watchers no longer used the hall on this date.

(5) Secretary's Report

Further to information supplied by David Masding at the last meeting, Secretary gave information concerning a scheme by the CVSC and funded by the National Lottery whereby families, with at least one working person, and who are struggling financially with at least one child, could come together to organise a scheme for mutual benefit. To this end there will be a meeting at 12.30pm, Thursday, 18th July 2019 with lunch provided. If you know of anyone who may be interested, contact Helen Jackson on 01492 588980 or ffion.lloyd@creativityenterprise.org.uk who will help with more information, including location of event.

(6) Treasurer's Report

£172.72 Association (£40.00 school poster prize), £200.00 Graffiti Project, £300.00 Defibrillator fund and £2305.00 War Memorial Fund.

(7) B.I.D.

Cheryl Williams from B.I.D. gave a report on the activities of B.I.D. There is to be a meeting at Le Sport, Rhos-on-Sea at 5.30pm, Thursday, 11th August 2019, and it is hoped that local business people would attend.

She explained how to obtain hanging baskets whereby up to 5 may be purchased, with a corresponding 5 given free.

A Motor Rally would feature in Colwyn Bay on 5th October 2019 whereby stalls may be reserved. Apply by 14th July 2019 to do so. There would be up to 300 tickets available for levy payers. Hickorys are providing 300 free lunches. Toyota will feature strongly at the event.

It was important that Old Colwyn does not lose out on project funding. “Gateway” signage and re painting of shop frontage is planned. Non contributors (there are 12) will be asked to contribute towards costs should they be chosen to benefit. The town Council and B.I.D. are supporting the Christmas Market. Plans are underway to “adopt” unused phone boxes for defibrillator use.

The two Ambassadors hope to visit up to 10 business per day in order to generate enthusiasm. The defibrillator at the Primary school seems wasted, but it is dependent upon who placed and has responsibility for servicing it before it can be moved.

B.I.D. were anxious to encourage business people onto the Board, but they should be required to attend meetings regularly. After 3 missed meetings, they would become ineligible.

Brian and Cheryl were soon to attend a Council meeting whereby match funding for the refurbishment of Cefn Road would be discussed. Further developments to be reported.

A member remarked on speeding vehicles at Llanelian Road and wondered if a camera could be located there.

Cheryl supplied a thorough and informative account of B.I.D. activities and we were aware that she and he young assistant had attended after a full day at the office. They were thanked, and given a round of applause.

(8) Minutes of 12th June 2019 Meeting

Had been circulated, and were accepted as true.

(a) Vacant Building Plots

The Committee is considering its response to the far from satisfactory action by the Council with regard to unused prepared dwelling foundations. It is felt to be a matter of national importance which requires the attention of our local AM and MP. Further developments to be reported.

(b) No Messing

No further news. Lianne still on sick leave

(c) Pier/Prom

Still finalizing details of contract.

(d) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Cheryl has forwarded pictures to relevant Department.

(e) Cliff Road Yellow Lines

Still no action

(f) Calfaria Chapel

Work continuing. This will now be taken of the Agenda till further notice.

(g) Defibrillator Training

No further news

(h) War Memorial

The proposed Committee is yet to convene.

(i) Graffiti Project

Awaiting permission from the Assembly.

(j) Christmas Market

Kai told us that they were unable to organise a Summer Fair. The Christmas Fair planning is well under way. Cefn Road and part of Station Road up to the Sun will be closed to traffic from 6.00am Friday 6th December 2019. Saint John’s Church will be used, inside and out. Let local business know so they may book a stall location. Kai needed a water supply. He could contact David Davies-Jones or Roy Chaffe.

(k) Cefn Road Refurbishment

See (6) above

(l) Bus Stop Outside Ship

No reason why a “J” type shelter could not be installed similar to that at Saint Paul’s where the pavement is narrower.

(9) Any Other Business

(a) St. Catherine's Sale

It is thought that Saint Catherine’s Church has been sold. How could this affect the War Memorial?

(b) Methodist Church Plans

Gwyneth, a representative of the Methodist Church Hall gave an account of the activities in the grounds of the Church. The boxed off gardens are tended by members of the National Autistic Society. Any herbs etc. growing outside the boxed areas may be used by the Community. There is also a composting project.

It is intended to develop the large area to the south of the building as a Welsh Heritage Orchard.

Plans are also being considered to convert this room into a Community Café and upgrading the kitchen. It would still be available for use by the Association however.

Meeting Closed

Date of next meeting is 14th August 2019. Dennis and Pat Clowser offer their apologies for non-attendance at this meeting.

Please bear in mind that David Jones, our MP has kindly agreed to address Residents at 7.30pm, on Wednesday, 21st August 2019, the week after our usual meeting. In the current political climate I’m sure many will wish to hear him. Please circulate friends and acquaintances. All welcome.