Minutes of 6th June 2019 AGM

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Moments Silence

The Chairman asked all to stand and remember Hilary Hughes MBE, a faithful Member of the Association and character who had devoted much of her life to the service of others. A moment of reflection followed in her memory.

(3) Chairman’s Annual Report

The Chairman briefly recounted the main activities over the last year of the Association

Chairman gives thanks to all Members for their continued support over the last 16 years and welcomes them to the meeting. He gives an outline of our main activities and achievements over the last 12 months


David had taken over the management of our web site and improved it by including a “Timeline” outlining some of the history of the village together with a fuller explanation of some of our more notable activities. This has added interest to the site and we are gradually increasing “hits”.

Diege, Steve, Merfyn and Rhiannon were working hard on the War Memorial project and intended service to mark the end of hostilities in 1918 and commemoration of the plaque to include names of those missing from the existing Memorial.

Officials from the RSPCA and Wales in Bloom had noted the activities of our “No Messing” project and were impressed. The RSPCA were considering the idea for an Innovation Award. However, there has been no further news of this.


David Jones MP arranged a site meeting with engineers and officials from Network Rail at the steps leading to the beach from the cycle path. We were impressed with the 6, all of management level, who attended and presented plans promising that the work would be completed by November. True to their usual form they remain obstinately inactive. Meanwhile we continue to press them. It took 7 years and national publicity before they fenced the embankment at the promenade off, so there may be hope before someone is caught be the tide.

The post Office erratic opening times were causing concern, but difficulties have now been resolved.

David Jones MP addressed the Residents, commenting amongst other things, on the hard work of our two Councillors, Cheryl and Brian. He commented on the work of this Association, and felt that it was one of the best. He outlined the efforts that he and the Association were making to resolve the issue of our end of the promenade. He was impressed by our actions to commemorate the men missing from the Memorial and was looking forward to the service in November. He finished by outlining his efforts in Westminster to achieve Brexit.


Kingdom no longer operated in the County. From henceforth “No Messing” would assume their responsibilities.

The Association were concerned about uncompleted building plots over many years and have alerted David Jones MP and Darren Millar AM To the matter. We have eventually been given the appropriate available legislation by the Assembly which may be used by Conwy County Borough Council in order to place pressure on owners of these. A Freedom of Information request has been put to the Council to ask:
(a) Have the relevant legal instruments been used and
(b) Are they likely to be used in the future?


“No Messing” cameras have recorded incidents and one fine has been levied. The Council still refuse to allow us to place recordings on social media in order to identify culprits. However, there is felt to be a preventative value to litter and dog fouling.

Work continued on preparations for the Christmas Market. With regular meetings at the Marine.

We were assured by the Methodist Church Hall that there would be no drastic increase in rent for the hall which has enabled us to continue using the premises on a monthly basis.

The Association registered officially our concern at the state of eastern end the promenade with the four entities responsible: Network Rail, Conwy County Borough Council, Welsh Water and the Welsh Assembly. Whilst Network Rail, as the main stakeholder has a duty to protect its infrastructure, the Assembly, Welsh Water and the Council also have a share of responsibility. It seems that it is merely a matter of deciding who pays for what. Until, that is, a major destructive storm occurs. The Association has recorded its views for future reference if necessary in the appropriate places.


The Memorial Service and Plaque Dedication was a resounding success and a fitting tribute to the men who did not return to Old Colwyn after the Great War. Saint John’s Church was full of residents, military personnel, young people, politicians and local dignitaries. It took place because Steve and Diege, assisted ably by Rhiannon spent many months researching the lost names. Merfyn then joined in the task and with military resolve and precision managed to raise the necessary money to obtain the plaque. The missing men’s names now take their place alongside their comrades. Merfyn, Canon Bellamy and Rhiannon planned the sequence of service with appropriate singing by our Côr Meibion Colwyn to provide an event which will remain in our memories. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to realise this momentous occasion.

There remains £2,290 from the original fund, which will be used to maintain our Memorial. Steve and Deige have not given up. Due to their unfailing efforts, names continue to come to light.


Saw the Christmas Fair in Colwyn and atrocious weather. In spite of this, it is thought that at least 3,000 people attended. A huge vote of thanks to Kai and his team and to all who worked so hard to achieve this event.

January 2019

Cheryl appeared on BBC TV news to highlight our promenade problem. I’m sure a few managers and civil servants would have been feeling just a little uncomfortable, as indeed they should. Mobile phone footage of wave potential damage during a storm was sent to the Council by Brian Cossey.

We noted that Station Road, Colwyn Bay, a pedestrian area, is increasingly being used by vehicles. The traffic bollards seem not now to be in use.


A defibrillator has been installed at Cefn Road and training sessions are in operation. It is important that all know their location, and that people know how to use them. Cllr Bob Barton has a special interest in these and is the first to donate his Ward Expenses, £300 to the Treasurer in order that this may be used for their purchase and maintenance.


Litter Picks organized

Young cyclists and scooter riders are an increasing danger. Police Juvenile Liaison Officers have been asked to visit schools etc. Police have a space on their web site “OpsSnap” whereby one may photograph incidents and forward details to them


Jennings Builders have donated £200 towards graffiti work on the underpass at Old Colwyn

Saw the first litter pick of the year on 6th April 2019, which continued in spite of confusion re the location.


School talks re “No Messing” are now taking place together with a poster competition to encourage youngsters to become environmentally aware.

It has been suggested that OCRA have a stall at the 2019 Christmas Market, which will be bigger than 2018’s.

It is now known that plans seen by the Association for re-design of Cefn Road will not be funded by BID

This is merely an outline of some of the more significant activities over 2018/19. I feel we’ve had a successful year, and look forward to the future and hopeful success with the issues yet fully completed.

(4) Police/Crime Report

Cheryl had requested a police attendance following the recent criminal damage at Wynne Gardens to the stone sculptures there but they were absent. Cliff Prout, the Council and the Association had worked hard to improve this wonderful garden only for us to see it vandalised in this manner. There seemed to be an absence of police on the street, whilst crime increases. Information that 4 teenagers, one taller with a curly “top knot”, one possibly called “Ryan” were observed in commission. These details were put on social media, but were taken immediately off. There is also a breakout of graffiti in the area with a common signature to all. Secretary to contact police and Colwyn Town Council.

(5) Secretary's Report

Endorsed the Chairman’s remarks, and wished to thank the Membership for their support over the year especially that of David, Merfyn, Rhiannon, Brian, Cheryl, and of course our Chairman. He felt that we had achieved much over the year.

(6) Treasurer’s Report

Everyone was supplied a copy of the accounts to date attached hereto. A committee to be formed to take on maintenance of the Memorial when the £2,305 (including a donation by Colwyn Bay Council), will be handed over to them. Included in Association funds is a £40 Member’s donation for “No Messing” poster competition. The Graffiti project will go ahead when permission is received from the Welsh Assembly.

Proposed accepted: Merfyn Thomas

Seconded: Patricia Dickman

(7) Minutes of 8th May 2019 Meeting

(a) Committee Members

No nominations had been received for officers to the Committee. The current Members had indicated their willingness to continue for the forthcoming year. They are:
Chairman: Richard Poynton.
Vice Chairman: Merfyn Thomas.
Secretary: Monty Slocombe.
Treasurer: Cllr. Brian Cossey.
Committee: Cllr. Cheryl Carlisle, Peter Lawrence, David Davies-Jones, Mark Chatham and Jane Martin.

It was agreed that the present incumbents continued in office to June, 2020.

(b) No Messing

Lianne was not present but we have been informed that the poster competitions are progressing and the Ambassadors are still active. Camera emplacements are continuing responding to complaints received.

(c) Vegetation Min y Don

Was attended to satisfactorily by Council

(d) Hole in Promenade Wall

As in (f) below

(e) Dando’s Shop

Being refurbished and to be used as a Creative Arts Centre

(f) East End of prom refurbishment

Association has been very active informing all agencies of their responsibility and possible culpability in the event of major storms. The agencies concerned are deciding together the extent of their contribution to the eventual cost before commencing work. David Jones MP has also been in close contact with us and is pressing this issue with the relevant bodies.

Tender for truncated pier together with salvaged Victorian ironwork accepted and work to commence this summer. Further developments to be reported.

(g) Co-op Old Colwyn

Naming is now “Old Colwyn”, as opposed to Colwyn Bay

(h) War Memorial

The Chairman and Treasurer have reported fully on this, one of our more notable recent achievements

(i) B.I.D

Confusion here concerning B.I.D’s intentions. Can they be persuaded to back the Cefn Road project? Serious liaison required here. Secretary to contact B.I.D.

(j) Man in tent on prom and Caravan parking

Caravans still seem to be parking overnight. Cheryl told us that traffic wardens do enforce restrictions in the early morning issuing tickets as necessary. What is the appropriate legislation to enforce this when the temporary signs have been vandalised?

(8) Any Other Business

(a) Yellow lines Cliff Road

After 18 months, still not completed

(b) Parking Problems

Grey van parked over 3 months outside “Totally Ape”. Vehicles apparently abandoned in Coed Coch Road, near “Affordable Cars”. Are they being checked for tax insurance and MOT? Police to be contacted.

(9) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, meeting closed at 8.20pm., next meeting 10th July 2019.