Minutes of 8th May 2019 Meeting

(1) Apologies

Brian, Hilary, Kath, Lianne and David and Lynne and David Horsley. Hilary is currently hospitalised. Enquiries to be made.

(2) Police

Not present

(3) Secretary's Report

Merfyn Thomas promised to deliver a presentation on the gun emplacements on both Ormes at the July meeting.

(4) Treasurer's Report

Association Funds £190.52p, Graffiti grant £200.00p, Memorial Fund £2,280.00p.

(5) Minutes of 10th April 2019 Meeting

(a) Vacant Building Plots

Plot at Llysfaen Road is to be commenced. Endsleigh Road junction Queens Road is wildly overgrown and becoming a dumping ground. It has been 14 years since foundation were laid, and these are starting to deteriorate. Secretary has received information from Julie James AM the Minister for Housing and Local Government outlining the relevant legislation to deal with this. This has been notified to C.C.B.C. asking what action has, or will be taken to deal with the matter. Reply awaited.

Cheryl will liaise with Darren Millar AM as this is a matter for Welsh legislative implementation.

(b) No Messing

Llysfaen road - dog fouling outside 142
Coed Coch Road - has improved considerably
Heenan Road - has improved considerably
Station Road (near number 8) - has improved considerably

Queens Road (path) – 1 further offence of dog fouling captured (also currently being investigated)
Station Road – no offences Captured
Craig Road – footage waiting to be viewed

HOTSPOTS with the Ward area
There are currently no Littering Hotspots in operation within the ward.
There is one Dog Fouling Hotspot in the Ward – Cycle Track to Llanddulas

Complaints of Dog Fouling and Littering within the Ward.
Complaints of Dog Fouling within the Ward
April – 0 complaints
Complaints of Dog Control within the Ward
April - 0 complaint
Complaints of Littering within the Ward
April – 1 complaint – passed to ERF for cleansing
Fixed Penalty Notices Issued within the Ward
April – 0 issued

2 school talks undertaken, the children are working on their posters as we speak!
Seek information from Members on alleged problem areas for assessment
Attendance at Community Events as and when they occur
The Ambassadors will continue to patrol giving advice and freebies to members of the public.

(c) Prom/Pier etc

No further news re prom renewal. Wall at bottom of rail embankment in very poor state. It was agreed that the suggestion of Resident’s parking permits should not be pursued since it is free before 10:00am and after 4:00pm, and relatively cheap otherwise.

(d) B.I.D

Chairman has notified B.I.D. that he and another shop owner are willing to form a committee, but there has been no further news from B.I.D.

(e) Bus Stop Cefn Road

To be done. It is noted that there are often many taxis who use the road as a parking lot in excess of their allocated places. Blue badge holders find difficulty parking. Cheryl would look into the matter.

(f) Cliff Gardens Yellow Lines

To be done. Noted that other yellow line painting had been completed in vicinity. This has been ongoing for 9 months.

(g) Calfaria Chapel

No further news

(h) Scooterists/Cyclists

No response from police to date

(i) Defibrillator Training

Merfyn has this in hand. Bob told us that he had recently delivered £300.00p, his Ward Allowance, to our Treasurer to be used for this project. He gave thanks to the Association for assisting him in this venture.

(j) War Memorial

A Committee for its management and maintenance to be formed.

(k) Graffiti Painting

Cheryl has this project in hand. Further developments to be reported.

(l) Website

David informed us that hoping to take over control of the previous domain on 12th May 2019, after which the format would be re-designed. Unique hits April were 305, a considerable increase. The Chairman thanked David for his expertise and efforts.

(m) Christmas Market

Suggested that the Association had a stall this year. Meetings took place at the Marine every alternative Monday, the next being 13th May 2019 at 6:00pm. Volunteers required for this year’s event.

(n) Cefn Road Refurbishment

Plans submitted re-vamping Cefn Road remain in being. B.I.D. rejected funding however. No further progress to date.

(o) Bus Shelters

Responsibility of Council, not bus companies. Pavement at Ship hotel considered too narrow for one. Bob pointed out that the inverted J type would avoid this problem.

(6) Closure and Date of Next Meeting

8:17pm closure, next meeting 12th June 2019, which would be the A.G.M. and election of officers. All nominations, together with seconders, to be forwarded to Secretary by 1st June 2019