Minutes of 10th April 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Cheryl, Quentin and Lianne

(3) Police/Crime Report

Not present

(4) Secretary's Report

Reminded all about Colwyn Council’s “Colwyn in Bloom” offer of hanging Baskets. Details circulated to all.

(5) Treasurer's Report

Association Funds £183.02p, No Messing £678.22p, Graffiti grant £200.00p and Memorial Fund £2,280.00p.

(6) Minutes of 12th March 2019 Meeting

(a) Vacant Building Plots

Secretary explained legislation available to County Councils enabling them to compel builders to complete work on laid foundations of house plots lying dormant for excessive periods, even decades. Although the powers were there, it was thought the possibility of authorities incurring costs under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 deterred action. Secretary would seek the County Council’s response.

(b) No Messing

Llysfaen road - dog fouling outside 142
Coed Coch Road - Improving
Heenan Road - signs, letter drop and patrols
Station Road - dog fouling (near number 8) - letter drop and CCTV installed
Gernant (new estate) - Patrols and letter drop, area has improved

Station Road - see above
Queens Road (path) - 1 offence of dog fouling being investigated

HOTSPOTS with the Ward area. None
Dog Fouling Hotspot: Cycle Track to Llanddulas
Complaints of Dog Fouling and Littering within the Ward.
March - 2 complaints

Litter pick 6th April went ahead in spite of confusion over meeting point
School talks to commence
Seek information from Members re problem areas for assessment
Attendance at Community Events as and when they occur
Young volunteer to Litter Pick “Jacob” to be sought for praise

Reported that someone in Minafon flats is suspected of allowing dog to wander freely to foul near school. Could CCTV be located there? Brian explained that Council will not allow us to place CCTV of captured offenders on social media, only they may do this

(c) Prom/Pier etc

Video footage of water rising through faults in prom widely circulated. Noted that pointing on rail embankment wall in poor condition. Work on beach is replacing sand drift which was forecast, and accounted for in budget. Work on rail bridge at Porth Eirias under discussion

(d) B.I.D

No further news

(e) Bus Stop Cefn Road

No further news

(f) Cliff Gardens Yellow Lines

No futher news

(g) Calfaria Chapel

Work in progress

(h) Scooterists/Cyclists

Police aware

(i) Defibrillator Training

Merfyn in contact with Saint John’s Ambulance in order to arrange

(j) War Memorial

Brian informed us that meeting was to be arranged with a view to appointing 2 Councillors together with possibly Quentin and Merfyn as members in May to form a Committee to manage this.

(k) Street Lighting Abergele Road

Being completed

(l) Graffiti Painting Queens Road

Underpass owned by Trunk Road Agency who are being consulted about this venture. £200.00 in hand for project, kindly donated by Jennings Building and Civil Engineering Ltd

(m) Web Hits March


(7) Any Other Business

(a) Life Belt Vandalism

Keep eyes open for vandals interfering with life belts on prom.

(b) 2019 Christmas Market

Kia gave a report on 2019’s plans. Market would be 2 hours longer on 7th and 8th December 2019 in an unknown, as yet, location! Colwyn Council, B.I.D., the Coop and North Wales Police are amongst contributors to the huge expenses required to run this event which will be an improvement on 2018 with heated marquees and many other amenities and entertainment. Water supplies were an issue, and David will be in contact with Kia with regard to this. Kia was congratulated on his and his team’s work and given a round of applause.

(c) Ysbyty Glan Clwyd Park and Ride

Reported that Park and Ride at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was to cease

(d) Scams

Beware of email or telephone requests purporting to emanate from HMRC and ignore these attempted frauds

(e) Prom Parking Permits

Would it be possible to obtain Residents Permits for parking on prom? Brian to enquire.

(f) Council Tax

Although CCBC had a near 10% rise in rates, they were still one of the cheapest rated areas in the country explained Brian.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:30pm. Next meeting 8th May 2019