Minutes of 13th March 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Lianne, David and Lynne Horsley, Kai Davies.

Chairman welcomed all, and apologised for lack of heating, which was beyond our control.

(3) Police Report

Two police officers attended the meeting.

  • “Panad with the Police” sessions are being organized at the Sure Hope Church
  • Co-op at Cefn Road are working with officers to control anti social behaviour etc.
  • Extra attention is being afforded at Penmaen Head where stones are being thrown by youths
  • Reports of fireworks in Min y Don Park.
  • The long standing problem of dangerous use of scooters and cycles by youths is also being attended to, especially in the Llysfaen Road area. Any similar anti-social behaviour should, if possible, be recorded on personal cameras and forwarded to Op Snap. This is a very useful site. One may record occurrences and forward to them for action. It’s been in operation for 3 months, and 53 offences have been dealt with to date. The police cannot operate at full efficiency without us. Let’s give a hand!
  • A member reported the sound of two shots of a shot gun in Cliff Road area at 9:00pm on the 3rd March 2019 but the police had no knowledge of this.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary had received no further news re the unused building plots from the Welsh Government other than an acknowledgment. He had therefore contacted Ken Skates once more to this end, and we continue to await reply.

(5) Treasurer's Report

  • £678.22 Grant Money
  • £2280 Memorial Fund
  • £204.72 Association Funds

(6) Minutes of 13th February 2019 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Report of dog off lead Ysgol T. Gwyn Jones, Coed Coch Road and Heenan Road improving, and cameras at Station Road and Queens Road. Signs placed Gernant Estate. One offence recorded Queens Road, enquiries continuing. 4 complaints received re dog fouling in February and 1 dog control complaint.

Talks are to commence in local schools at last, and preparations underway for the poster competition to be conducted. Talks continue to take place at Community Centres, etc.

Keep Wales Tidy are organizing a Litter Pick for Saturday, 6th April 2019. We will meet at 10:00am at Min y Don Park to this end. Volunteers to inform Secretary of intention to attend in order that we may organize sufficient equipment.

(b) Prom/Pier

Concerns re eastern end of the promenade. These are listed as “high risk” at Conwy County Borough Council. David Jones MP is working hard with the relevant stake holders and Chris Grayling, Minister of State for Transport has replied to him to the effect that this is not a matter for Central Government, but the Welsh Government, local authorities and stakeholders like Network Rail. Talks are ongoing but it is not yet determined what cost each should contribute. Recent video of the effect of storms have been forwarded to Conwy County Borough Council by Cllr. Cossey which illustrate the vulnerability of this area.

Tenders are in for re-vamping the pier.

(c) B.I.D.

No further news. Christmas Fair planning for this year continues however.

(d) Bus Stop Cefn Road

On list

(e) Cliff Gardens Yellow Lines

On List

(f) Calfaria Chapel

No further news. In residence with work in area.

(g) Scooterists/Cyclists

As in (3) Police report, above.

(h) Defibrillator Training

Cllr. Bob Barton continues with his project and gave an update of his report at the last meeting. Training had occurred on 8th March 2019. Each costs £1,500 and require servicing. Councillors are using their Ward Allowances and funds are available from B.I.D., Achub Calon and Welsh Ambulance.

(i) War Memorial Fund

No further news

(j) Street Lighting Junction of Abergele Road and Llysfaen Road

On list

(k) Graffiti Underpass Queens Road

Andy Birch, Graffiti Artist is to undertake.

(l) Web Hits

97 Unique Visitors

(7) Any Other Business

None. Meeting closed 8:10pm. Next meeting 10th April 2019