Minutes of 13th February 2019 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Terry, Lianne, Mark and Police

(3) Secretary's Report

We had lost another member of the Committee and because it occasionally occurred that Committee meetings did not have a quorum, we are unable to hold Committee meetings. David Davies Jones offered to take the place of the former member and this was agreed by all present.

Alex, our PCSO unable to attend and had submitted a report. There had been an incident of unruly behaviour outside the Plough on Saturday, 9th March 2019. They would be glad for any information concerning this.

Information to be circulated in the near future about “Paned efo Heddlu” (Cuppa with the Police), a plan to hold regular surgeries between 1.30pm and 3.30pm at the Coop, Cefn Road.

Attempted break in at Pharmacy, Bodelwyddan Avenue recently

Regular patrols Cefn Road due to youths congregating. Alex requests that we keep police informed about any suspicious or unusual behaviour

(4) Treasurer's Report

  1. No Messing Fund: £678.22
  2. Memorial Fund: £2280.00
  3. Association Funds: £194.72

(5) Minutes of 8th January 2019 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Lianne was unable to make the meeting, but forwarded this report

Current issues being investigated and Mobile CCTV usage within the Ward area:-

Station Road - we have 2 SR’s open for dog fouling in this area at the moment along with Wynnstay Road and Heenan road so the Conwy Ambassadors have undertaken a big letter drop along all these streets last Wednesday and camera will be going up along Station Road ASAP.

Gernant (new estate) - had further complaints of dog fouling in the grassed area so the Conwy Ambassadors have added some additional signs a few weeks ago and then about 2 weeks ago undertook a mass letter drop along here too.

Coed Coch Road - a large litter problem has been identified at the moment and the on and off issue with dog fouling on this road has returned. Patrols and a further letter drop have been undertaken. A camera will also be erected back here.

Hotspots with the Ward area

There are currently no Dog Fouling or Littering Hotspots in operation within the ward.

Complaints of Dog Fouling and Littering within the Ward

  Dog Fouling Littering
January 2019 3 4
February 2019 0 1

Fixed Penalty Notices Issued within the Ward

  Dog Fouling Littering
January 2019 0 0
February 2019 0 1

Moving Forward

  • Ask Members to consider being involved in Keep Wales Tidy Spring Clean Initiative
  • Seek information from Members on alleged problem areas for assessment
  • Attendance at Community Events as and when they occur
  • Progress at last with the schools within the Ward (and outside) to offer educational talks and sign making competitions - further update on this at March Meeting.

(b) Promenade/Pier

“Colwyn Bay” lettering near completion. This is EU Funded

David Jones MP has responded to our request for action to complete the eastern end of promenade reinforcement before it is breached putting the rail and road links in jeopardy. He has contacted all agencies concerned, Network Rail, Welsh Water, Conwy County Borough Council and the Welsh Government. Secretary read letter from Lesley Griffiths AM stating that their priorities under the Coastal Risk Management Programme is the protection of property, i.e. housing and businesses. There are none at the Colwyn end of the promenade, therefore it is for Network Rail and Welsh Water to agree to contribute to the estimated £37 million that is required to complete the work. Talks are ongoing. However, our concerns are now noted and recorded in the event of future storm damage

(c) B.I.D

No further news. Plans for Xmas Market 2019 in progress

(d) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Awaiting action when sufficient tasks are ready for completion by contractors

(e) Yellow Lines Cliff Gardens

As at (d) above

(f) Calfaria Chapel

No further information

(g) Scooterists/Cyclists

A continuing problem, especially at Llysfaen Road where another incident occurred this evening reported by member. Cyclist in dark, no lights or helmet, dark clothing travelling at excessive speed down hill. Alex to be contacted about progress with Juvenile Liaison Officers

(h) Defibrilator Training

Had taken place. Cllr Bob Barton impressed the importance of this equipment. He has conducted a survey of their location over a wide area. There are 2 in Old Colwyn and he had attended a recent training session. It is important that we should be aware of their location. One at the Old Colwyn School is not easy to find and equipment at the pharmacy is located in Cefn Road, but shown online as at Abergele Road. Bob intends to create a fund to promote their use and public awareness of them using his Local Members Ward Allowance. The next training session will be held on Friday 8th March 2019 at 6.30pm at the Old Colwyn Community Centre. It is important that all businesses are aware of this scheme. If you have any suggestions for Bob, please contact Secretary or Bob at bob4eirias@gmail.com

(i) War Memorial Fund

Brian told us that the next meeting with Canon Bellamy would be on 25th February 2019

(j) Street Light at Junction of Abergele and Llysfaen Road

On list

(k) Graffiti Painting at Underpass

Cheryl told us that consultations are underway with an artist to do this work with local youngsters involved so that they may assume “ownership” of public property to hopefully install a sense of pride and responsibility.

(5) Any Other Business

(a) Gritting Wynnstay Road

A member noted that Wynnstay Road doesn’t get gritted in frosty weather. Cheryl explained that it was possible that it was because it was not a “bus route”, which it is now. She would look into the matter

(b) Web Hits

74 unique visits in December 2018 and 88 January 2019. An improvement. Thank you David

(6) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.20pm, next meeting 13th March 2019