Minutes of 12th December 2018 Meeting

(1) Apologies

Lianne, Brian, Cheryl, Bob Barton.

(2) Present

Those present signed the Attendance sheet.

(3) Secretary's Report

As per agenda

(4) Treasurer's Report

Absent. Funds as per meeting of 14th November 2018, plus £9.10p from that meeting’s collection

(5) Police Report

PCSO Alex introduced Jasmine, our new PCSO who recently joined us. She will have responsibility for Llysfaen as well as Old Colwyn and distributed her card to members. Alex apologised for recent absences from our meetings owing to duty.

  • Gavin has conducted a shop lifting prevention operation and purchase of alcohol by under age children by older persons.
  • Reports of youths throwing stones from Penmaen Head road bridge. Could CCTV cameras be installed?
  • Several stolen vehicles in area. Advised not to leave goods or tools in unattended vehicles.
  • Members have been concerned for some time about the increasing use by young people of scooters travelling on roads and pavements in a dangerous manner, and at speed with disregard for their safety, and that of other road users. It seems likely that accidents will occur and there is no legislation that is suitable to deal with the situation. Bike Safe have been informed, although it is not currently within their remit. Alex promised that she will liaise with the School’s Liaison Officer with a view to introducing some form of in school tuition. Llysfaen Road, a steep hill is a favourite location for their use and a likely location for an occurrence.

Minutes of 14th November 2018 Meeting and Matters Arising

(a) Promenade/Pier etc

Secretary read response to letter from David Jones MP from Conwy Council stating that Welsh Water have completed the work on storm damage to promenade. With regard to the major work at the Colwyn end, the Council have proposals in hand and have contacted the Minister for the Environment re funding from the Coastal Risk Management Plan. Network Rail have said that it is not currently one of their priorities whilst Welsh Water agree to work in conjunction with the Council, but will not offer funding. The Council would be pleased for any support we may be able to offer. (It seems that we will have to await the next major storm damage).

We consider the matter so serious that we feel that a legally formulated letter should be distributed to all bodies having responsibility for maintenance in order that they are officially notified of public concerns in the event of a major breach of these sea defences in the future which may otherwise have been avoided.

(b) B.I.D.

Nothing further

(c) Berthes Road Car Park

Nothing further

(d) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Still in situe

(e) Road Surface Wynn Avenue

Temporary repairs effected.

(f) Cliff Gardens Yellow lines

In the pipe line.

(g) Christmas Fair

Committee have been working very hard. Now 70 stalls, free for stall holders putting Llandudno in the shade. Will be in operation 12.00pm to 6.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th December 2018, from 6.00pm, to 10.00am, Friday evening, 14th., Cefn Road and surrounds will be closed to traffic as fencing and other accoutrements are installed. Work will commence clearing area on Sunday evening, 16th. Kia and his team have worked very hard to bring Colwyn onto the map and it was agreed by all that their commitment and efforts should be noted.

Note that a Summer Fair is envisaged, and the next meeting will be at the Marine on Monday, 14th January 2019 at 6.30pm, so mark in dairies.

(h) Calfaria Chapel

Family now in residence, work ongoing restoring premises to a dwelling.

(i) Scooterists

As in (5) above.

(j) Post Office Closure

No further news. We are keeping contact with management, further developments will be reported.

(k) Victoria Road excessive parking

Should more yellow lines be considered here?

(l) Defibrillator

Now installed at the chemist on the junction of Cefn Road and Abergele Road. Suggested that local shops and public houses have code for operation. Could familiarity training be given?

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Waste Bins Vanished

The waste bins at the rear of Poynton’s have vanished. Chairman to follow up.

(b) Wet leaves Llawr Pentre

Chairman to follow up.

(c) Bodelwyddan Avenue street light not functioning

Damaged street light Abergele Road near Llysfaen Road not replaced after RTA

(d) Idle House Foundations

No further news re idle house foundations for which there is no enforcement legislation. Letters to our AM and MP have been acknowledged, and passed to the appropriate department from which there has since been an eerie silence.

(e) Coed Pella Council Building Costs

A member has queried the Council estimated cost figures of rental for the new building believing it to be excessive and above published estimates. He presented the answers to his Freedom of Information request from the Council. Whilst projected sums are debateable, seems to be a situation of fait accompli, and little may be done about the matter now.

(f) War Memorial Maintenance Fund

Secretary will contact Colwyn Bay Council seeking guidance.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 7.25pm., Next meeting 9th January 2019.