Minutes of 14th November 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet. With the absence of our Chairman, Merfyn Thomas took the Chair.

(2) Apologies

Lianne, Catherine, David and Lynne Horsley, Richard and David Davies-Jones.

(3) Secretary's Report

That the Committee had secured Public Liability Insurance for the Association at a much reduced cost of £69.90 compared to our previous insurer at £152.00p

(4) Treasurer's Report

Association funds = £283.77p
No Messing funds = £678.22p
Memorial funds = £2,290p residue after paying for and installation of plaque on 9th November 2018. This will be used for further maintenance and future additions to Memorial. One extra missing name has been discovered by Diege and Steve since completion of project and there are likely to be more in the future.

(5) Minutes of 10th October 2018 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Lianne absent. Report at December Meeting.

(b) Promenade

There has been much publicity covering the parlous state of the Colwyn end of Prom which has started to break up endangering sewage piping and the rail embankment. Hannah Blything AM, Environmental Minister has visited site, but no further news is forthcoming from Cardiff. David Jones our MP has expressed his concern. Suggested that he is approached to investigate the possibility of a letter being forwarded to the Assembly from his legal practice outlining the possibilities of severe disruption to transport links in the coming winter storms and its consequences if no action is taken. Ken Skates AM the Minister for the Economy and Transport also to be briefed. It is noted that Welsh Water is prepared to undertake its responsibilities.

The Pier Project are ready to commence their work on the remaining 9 supports. The foundry making the original castings is still in operation.

The wall murals are in store in Council property.

Network Rail offer £5,000 to restore bridge leading to pier area depending on match funding from Council.

(c) B.I.D.

Are contributing to funding of Christmas Market.

(d) Berthes Road Car Park

No further information

(e) War Memorial Service

Was a huge success. Thanks have been extended to all who worked so hard to achieve this: Diege and Steve, Merfyn and Rhiannon, Royal Marines, Comrades Association, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, The British Legion and many others. As noted above (4) (Treasurer’s report) there is further work to be completed as maintenance and further names come to light. A separate committee will be formed expressly for this purpose.

(f) Bus Stop Cefn Road

No futher news

(g) Road Surface Wynn Avenue

Still in a very bad state and worsening. It appears that funds only allow minimum repairs to be made of an inferior nature. County need to make £17.6m savings.

(h) Cliff Garden Yellow Lines

To be done

(i) Christmas Fair

Kai Davies gave report. 41 stalls to date, disabled car parking, 1950s fire engine “food truck”, donkey rides and many local shops presenting their wares. Stalls are free, compared to charges for Llandudno, who also have less stalls than us.

Would Association members be prepared to produce mince pies and tea? Chairman noted that the Co-op had contributed to the Fair. Could Aldi be approached to contribute tea and pies?

Kai also informed members that arrangements for the Summer Fair, 2019 are already well in hand. The Chairman paid tribute to Kai and his team for their hard work in bringing this event to fruition.

(j) Calfaria Chapel

No further news

(k) Web Hits

44 unique hits. We need to create links to and from our site in order to retrieve our previous numbers. Suggestions required here.

(l) Cyclists and Young Scooterists Riding Dangerously Without Helmets.

A member reported frequent examples in Llysfaen Road. She brought to our attention a recent article in the Daily Post highlighting the same issue. This is now a common phenomenon everywhere, and there is no legislative power to prevent it. Something must be done. Should vendors of scooters be required to provide a helmet as part of the sale of a scooter? Is there a case for education in schools especially in the run up to Christmas when many will be purchased.

(6) Any Other Business

(a) Post Office Closure

Cheryl in regular contact with Post Office authorities. This is a sensitive issue, and there is no further news re cause. Could it be part of the National closure plans?

(b) Victoria Road

insufficient yellow lines causing excessive parking and potential danger to pedestrians. A member wished this to be recorded in the event of future accidents.

(c) Defibrilator

Defibrillator is to be purchased for public use. Arrangements in hand for a nurse to give training for its use. Currently all immediate Association meeting dates, second Wednesday each month, available. Mark to organise.

(7) Meeting Closed

No further business, meeting closed at 8.03pm