Minutes of 10th October 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Carol Poynton, Lynn and David Horsley, Janet Sutton, Judith and Bert Warilow, Heulwen, and Christine Turner.

(3) Police Report

Not Present. Understood Rachel had been off sick.

(4) Secretary's Report

All on agenda

(5) Treasurer's Report

£206.13 in hand with £678.00 for No Messing.

(6) Minutes of 12th September 2018 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Lianne reported that there had been no enforcement orders. Cameras had recorded 1 dog fouling, and 1 depositing of litter. Council yet to allow recordings to be made public and therefore offenders were unidentifiable to date. Public urinating and suspected drug dealing also recorded. Council currently had no political appetite for enforcement. Paint spray being used at dog fouling spots. Min y Don Park excessive fouling.

Letters received from pupils of Ysgol T Gwynn Jones about fouling in vicinity of school. They had agreed to take part in a poster competition whereby prizes would be available and the winners entries would be made into official public posters. Consider certificates of participation for all entrants.

Lianne would arrange for Ambassadors to clean refuse bins. Could our laminated posters be affixed to bins?

Noted that there was no refuse bin at the new “Chippy” resulting in excessive litter nearby.

(b) Promenade

No further news. Darren Millar and David Jones were both pushing for work to commence at our end of prom.

(c) B.I.D.

No further news. Chairman will arrange further meeting.

(d) Berthes Road Car Park

Nothing new. Suggested that charges could be made there during business hours, allowing free parking overnight for local residents. Noted that residents of Rosehill and vicinity had no road parking area.

(e) Blood Test Waiting Times

Problems still experienced by some. Phones not answered, or only after inordinate amount of time and repeated calls.

(f) War Memorial and Service

Merfyn gave a brief account: Arrangements well in hand for 4th November 2018. Our Canon has prepared draft copies of order of service. Volunteers to contact Secretary in order to assist in folding and stapling of same when printed.

£4525.00 received from various military charities including a donation of £1575.00 from Colwyn Council towards cost of plaque which will be present at St. John’s for dedication. The Association has a wreath for laying.

Noted that Merfyn and Rhiannon had worked very hard for this important event. They were given a round of applause.

(g) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Removed. Painted lines still there.

(h) Road Surface Wynne Avenue

On list

(i) Cliff Gardens Yellow Lines

On list

(j) Tan y Coed Gardens

Council had done excellent work clearing vegetation. Another department would remove resulting cuttings etc.

(k) A55 diversions

Yellow speed signs seem to be advisory. Traffic extremely heavy through town. Resident complained about speeding through Colwyn. Go Safe don’t seem to be active here. She reported a motorcyclist ignoring crossing lights whilst she crossed.

(l) No Entry Sign Cefn Road


(m) Christmas Fare

Meetings 6.00pm to 7.00pm at Marine each Monday. Event 15th to 16th December. Menter Iaith have expressed an interest in attending. Secretary to liaise.

(n) Calfaria Chapel

Roof is completed. They have a skip in the grounds of the chapel into which passers-by throw their rubbish.

(o) Web Hits

103, an improvement on September. David suggested that we ask local bodies, Police Council, etc. to create links with our site to improve visits. Secretary to follow up.

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Cyclists Llysfaen Road

Still youths riding cycles at excessive speed down Llysfaen Road and through Colwyn. They have no helmets or regard for their own, or other road users’ safety.

(b) Post Office Closure

Post Office is under temporary alternative management. They have explained reasons for closure to us, which was placed on social media. An individual objected. Because of this, David removed the information.

(8) Meeting Closed

The meeting closed at 8.03pm, next meeting 14th November 2018.