Minutes of 8th August 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Gwyn, Bob Barton, Bob Squires

(3) Treasurer's Report

£209.63 in hand

(4) Minutes of 11th July 2018 Meeting

(a) No Messing

We still require a Council Committee decision to post recorded camera offences on social media. Members report excessive litter and dog fouling in several locations in Colwyn. Kingdom will not have its contract renewed. School poster competition yet to be instigated. Refuse collectors still careless on collection days with accidental spillage of rubbish.

(b) Pier/Prom

Fencing around pier site to stay for safety/insurance reasons. Truncated edition of pier being designed. The hole in prom near the hump is to be attended to by Welsh Water. There have been meetings re the sea defence work at the Colwyn end with the Assembly.

(c) B.I.D.

We hope to have a meeting soon with the new leader of B.I.D.

(d) Berthes Road Car Park

No further news

(e) Blood Test Waiting Time

Some problems still occurring occasionally.

(f) War Memorial

Merfyn and Rhiannon gave an update of progress. Merfyn has sought other sources to determine the cost of the intended plaque as Dilwyn Davies is procrastinating in spite of repeated requests. We must have a target cost before funds, mainly promised, can be released. The format of the service on 4th November 2018 is taking shape with suitable period songs, a gentleman in First World War uniform, Perspex soldier cut outs amongst attendees to represent those not here/are here. The plaque for our Falklands serviceman is in a poor state and should also be renewed. The 22 missing names have been published in the Daily Post and social media locally. Important that relatives and descendants should be aware of our actions. The extensive research undertaken by both, and also Steve and Diege was acknowledged.

(g) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Still there, but not used

(h) Vegetation Min Y Don

Has been completed as promised

(i) Road Surface Wynn Avenue

Not done

(j) Post Office Closures

Cheryl has been in contact with area manager. They have promised to ensure that suitable notice is given when absences occur

(k) Yellow Lines Cliff Gardens

Brian told us that ratification for this usually takes some 6 months. A member noted that when the St. John’s hall becomes operational, parking difficulties in this area will worsen.

(l) Tan y Coed Gardens & Afon Colwyn

See comments in David Jones MP’s presentation in due course.

(m) Go Safe/Night Time Speeding

Traffic diverted through the village during the frequent A55 closures are a problem causing extra wear of road surface, sound annoyance and speeding when “Go Safe" are not in operation.

(n) Alley Way Rear of Aldi

Still requires attention

(o) No Entry Sign Cefn Road

Worn. Not replaced yet

(p) Christmas Fair

Progressing well. Leaflet distributed. It is open to any trader to set up a stall. They are looking for all types of street entertainers, singers etc. for the occasion.

(q) Calfaria Chapel

Owners are back in area, and it appears work is to commence there.

(5) David Jones MP

The Chairman introduced David Jones MP to the Membership.

David thanked us for the invitation and commented on the revival of our sea front with a vast increase in visitors, although mostly of a daily nature. We now have a beach second to none for which credit is due to Conwy County Council. He had objected to the installation of parking meters on the promenade as it would have been a deterrent to trade. We are not similar to Llandudno who have sea front meters. He hoped our Councillors would convey the message to the Council.

David commented on the excellent work of our two Councillors, Cheryl and Brian with whom he worked closely and successfully. He also praised the work of our Association and ranked it as one of the best in his constituency for achieving objectives and encouraging community spirit. One example was the recent action in persuading Network Rail, at last, to promise to commence work by installing the steps leading from the beach at Tan y Lan.

The promenade access to the beach at Colwyn Bay under the rail bridge required urgent improvement and he was in communication with the Assembly concerning the sea defences. Network Rail had promised to share the cost of improving this access with the County Council.

The work of Rhiannon and Merfyn in connection with the missing names from the War Memorial was praiseworthy and he was looking forward to attending the service on the 4th November 2018 to commemorate the hundred years since the cease fire. David told us that he had recently visited the war graves of the 1,700 British and Polish soldiers lost at Arnhem and reminded us that it would soon be the 75th anniversary of the end of the second war.

The state of Tan y Coed Gardens had dismayed David and he had written a strong letter to the Council expressing his views. They were in contrast to other parts of the town and could constitute a flood risk. He had opened them. Cliff Prout had been the prime mover in restoring the gardens and his memory deserved recognition.

An outline of the progress of Brexit followed. This had divided the country and there was much debate in Parliament where there were many “Remainers” and much scaremongering. A decision to leave the European Union had been made by the public, and he felt this must be adhered to. A great deal had been achieved in passing the Withdrawal Bill through Parliament in spite of the opposition from Remainers and members of the House of Lords who had possibly put their own future in doubt in its current form through their actions. It is the will of the people, and Parliament to leave at 11:00pm, 29th March 2019. He felt that the break must be clean, without the “Common Rule Book”, any control of the Customs Union, or the European Court of Justice which in effect would mean remaining in the European Union. David feels that the current White Paper is not acceptable to him, nor to Europe. He also feels that business people are the best people to control business, and would do so effectively under World Trade rules. It would not be conceivable that European countries would refuse to trade with the UK to their own detriment. We currently trade extensively with many non-European countries like the USA and China.

An Association member commented that it was mostly the young who opted for remain. David felt that although this may mainly be true, he knew many youngsters who were leavers. Another felt we had lost the “Great” from Britain. He disagreed, Britain had shown its greatness in voting for independence in the Referendum. A member wondered why all parties did not work together to solve the problems. He replied that their job was to discuss and argue to arrive at a consensus.

Boris Johnson was currently under attack from some for comments he made about the wearing of burqas in Denmark. Were they trying to prevent any attempt by him to the Premiership? David felt that Boris had been misquoted by some and there was a question of his right to free speech in a democracy. He felt that calls for an apology were unnecessary where no offence had been committed.

(6) Any Other Business

(a) Co-Op Garage

Problems with drivers entering at no entry end of forecourt, and vice versa causing likely danger. Secretary to write to manager.

(b) Côr Meibion Colwyn 2019 Eistefodd Fundraising

Brian Jones informed us that Côr Meibion Colwyn had raised £450.00 for the Eisteddfod which is in Llanrwst in 2019.

(7) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:30pm. Next meeting 12th September 2018