Minutes of 11th July 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet. Only 8, no doubt affected by the World Cup and England’s game against Croatia this evening.

(2) Apologies

Cheryl, Dennis and Pat Clowser, David and Lynne Horsley, Merfyn and Rhiannon, and Bob Barton

(3) Police Report

Rachael, our PCSO reported that they were paying attention to the Kensington Avenue area where youths were causing annoyance to residents, otherwise generally quiet. She told us that there was to be surgeries at the Tape centre at Min y Don Park where residents could discuss problems. Notices would be issued and the Chairman would display at his shop.

A member reported youngsters smoking in the school grounds at Penrhos Avenue. Rachael would ensure attention here.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary extended thanks to Brian for undertaking his duties at the AGM

(5) Treasurer's Report

£205.82 in hand with £678.22p for “No Messing”, which would be used for the school education project.

(6) No Messing

Lianne told us that Kingdom were to have their contract renewed for 8 months. The school programme for “No Messing” had not commenced because staff and pupils were preoccupied with exams.

The RSPCA had noted the activities of “No Messing” and were considering the scheme for an innovation award

3 dog owners had been spoken to and warned in the Fairy Glen. The Countryside Service were also active in this area.

The cycle path towards the Rainbow Bridge is now category A for dog fouling. The path leading to the school has improved.

There has been one additional on the spot fine on Old Colwyn Promenade.

Brian told us that “Wales in Bloom” judges recently viewed Wynn Gardens, and had enquired about the “No Messing” project. They were impressed.

It was suggested that school children could organise litter picks.

(7) Minutes of 9th May 2018 Meeting

(a) Pier/Prom/Meters

Brian explained that work on our section of the prom required collaboration between many organizations including Network Rail, Welsh Water and Council departments. Eventually it will be raised by 1 meter and widened. Bays would provide space for fishing people. It seemed that the meters were now operating successfully being reasonably priced, and allowing for early morning and late evening beach users. Engineers are meeting on 12th July 2018 to discuss further developments.

We are still waiting for the prom path-way near the pier to be opened to pedestrians and cyclists.

The 6 stanchions of the pier would eventually support a deck structure, which is required by CADW.

Still no news on kitchen exhaust at Porth Eirias.

(b) B.I.D.

Committee still trying to arrange meeting with replacement for Anna Openshaw. Work under the scheme progressing on shop fronts in Abergele Road.

(c) Plas Gwilym Quarry

All appeals against refusal of planning have gone to Inspectorate.

(d) Berthes Road Car Park

No further information

(e) Blood Test Waiting Times

No futher information

(f) War Memorial and Service

Rhiannon, Merfyn and Diege have worked hard on this project. Jed Bone is willing to attend in his First World War uniform and kit. Côr Meibion Colwyn have been approached, response awaited. The Canon has agreed to the plan and is happy to officiate. R.W.F. have been contacted to hopefully supply Perspex cut outs. The agreed date is Sunday, 4th November 2018.

Military representation will be requested by Merfyn.

Brian will make enquiries re the possible attendance of the Lord Lieutenant.

In order to demonstrate the huge toll on a then small village, it was suggested that a current map could be overlaid with a map of the time showing the percentage of male losses to the community.

21 additional names have been discovered to the 66 already on the Cenotaph. A local undertaker has agreed to enquire about a plaque to contain their names. North Wales and area should be informed via local press to ensure there are no family objections, or other missing names. Monty agreed to post information on Facebook, whilst David would place on our web site.

Rhiannon is currently undergoing a hip replacement and we all wish her a speedy and full recovery.

(g) Cefn Road Bus Stop

To be done

(h) Vegetation Min y Don

Less rubbish in vegetation. Secretary to follow up

(i) Pavement outside 52/54 Llysfaen Road

Water board seen at location

(j) Road Surface Wynne Avenue

Yet to be completed

(k) Post Office Closures

Brian has been in communication with Post Office external affairs, and they are making enquiries. Closures thought to be because of sickness of wife, whilst the husband of the joint postmasters is working away.

(l) Glan y Don Hall (Civic Centre)

It is thought that the site will eventually contain residential apartments, with some houses nearby.

(m) Yellow Lines Cliff Gardens

(8) Any Other Business

(a) Tan y Coed Gardens

Several complaints received re the overgrown state of the Afon Colwyn and nearby Tan y Coed Gardens which require cutting. Opinion divided on this as some are of the opinion that it has a natural appearance, as it would be in the “wild”. However, Council have been informed by Cheryl.

(b) Speeding During A55 Closures

“Go Safe” will not operate during night hours. Large goods vehicles are breaking speed limits through Colwyn with impunity on their way to and from Holyhead.

(c) Alley Behind Aldi

E.R.F. asked by Cheryl to contact owner to clear.

(d) No Entry Signs Cefn Road

Awaiting installation

(e) Christmas Fair

Progressing well. Cefn Road to be used. Several stall holders already booked, and more to come.

(f) Calfaria Chapel

Owner has been busy installing services etc. and he is seeking work in this area. Much building equipment has been taken to the location indicating progress.

(9) Meeting Closed

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:12pm. Next meeting: 8th August 2018.