Minutes of 13th June 2018 AGM

(1) Present

Signed the register

(2) Apologies

Monty Slocombe, Brian Jones, Lynne Horsley, Peter Lawrence, Christine Turner, Carol Poynton

(3) Police Report

Given by PCSO Alex Aldous. Told us of the incident at Mobil Garage where 3 people were arrested regarding drug issues. There were continuing problems of teenagers in Min y Don Park - adults were buying alcohol for them from Co-Op, Cefn Road. All under scrutiny by the police.

The PCSOs were running a drop in at the Colwyn Centre, Colwyn Bay and hope to extend this to Old Colwyn using the TAPE/Church coffee shop in Min y Don Park in July. At present it was thought to run this on the second Thursday of the month from 11am till 1pm.

They had been successful in obtaining funding for the Tan Lan Carnival of £200.

A resident advised that there were a small group of children on Llysfaen Rd throwing things at cars and only yesterday were walking up the road and one of them had what looked like a crow bar and was hitting the wooden gates at the R.L. Davies site. PCSO Alex said this should have been reported immediately using 999. No matter what the age no one can walk around with a crow bar.

Another resident expressed concern about a quad bike causing a problem. The police are aware of the issue.

The Chairman said he was pleased that OWL had reappeared, everyone agreed.

Another resident expressed concern about speeding cars coming off the promenade and up Wynnstay Road. PCSO Alex explained the process that has to be gone through to get a Go Safe van at any location. She will see about getting a speed gun for her own use. Told that 4:30pm to 5:30pm was the worst time for speeding.

(4) Chairman's Annual Report

Unfortunately the Chairman had mislaid his annual statement of events that had occurred over the last 12 months. He apologised and said he would find it and read it out at the next meeting.

(5) Secretary's Report

As the Secretary was on holiday there was no report.

(6) Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer presented his report for the year. The Association had £184.01 in its own name and £678.22 of Grant Money still to spend. The Accounts were approved.

(7) Minutes of 9th May 2018 Meeting and matters arising therefrom

The minutes were agreed

(8) Election of Officials

The Chairman reported that no new names had come forward to add to the current Committee. The current Officers and committee were willing to serve for another year but we really do need a Vice Chair. Merfyn Thomas volunteered to take on that role. The existing Officers and committee members were re-elected and Merfyn Thomas was elected Vice Chairman.

(9) Any Other Business

(a) No Messing

Lianne gave us an update on the No Messing Campaign. The cameras had been installed in various locations, Coed Coch Road, Alleyway at the rear of Poyntons shop, Queens Road, Princess Road. No prosecutions but there is a definite reduction in dog fouling. Lianne’s Dept. had only received 2 complaints to April far fewer than any other area. The Ambassadors have been busy in our area as well. They have completed a letter drop in Cadwgan Road, following a complaint about the amount of dog fouling here, has made a difference.

3 litter picks have been completed and the Scouts have cleaned out the Beach Road stream. The Chairman asked that we be kept informed of any further litter picks so we can take part, and asked that Lianne thanks the Ambassadors for all their hard work in Old Colwyn.

Lianne told us she is still anxious to involve the schools and will be trying again to organise a poster competition.

Lianne and the Ambassadors will be at the Tan Lan Carnival

The Chairman asked for more ‘No Littering Notices’.

The meeting thanked Lianne for all her hard work.

(b) Min Y Don Avenue

A resident asked how matters were progressing with cutting back the vegetation on Min y Don Avenue. Told the Secretary had this in hand and he had met the Council Officer.

The same resident asked why his County Councillors weren’t at this meeting and never came.

(c) Various Other Issues

  • Hole in the promenade wall. No news as to when it would be repaired.
  • Residents pleased that Dandos shop is in the news for the best of reasons. Looking forward to the eyesore being dealt with.
  • Will the walkway which was under the pier be reopened when the contractors move? No one was sure but will find out.
  • The Councillors had in the past promised that Old Colwyn prom refurbishment will be in 2018. Reported there is a meeting next Wednesday with Network Rail.
  • Co-Op on Cefn Road is named Old Colwyn but its receipts and website still say Colwyn Bay.

(10) War Memorial

The Treasurer gave an update on the work done on the new names for the War Memorial. Deige and Rhiannon had confirmed that there are 20 names of Old Colwyn young men who do not appear on our Memorial. The idea is to try to get them included on a new plaque by 11th November 2018. To this end the names will hopefully appear in an article in the Daily Post shortly. We must be sure that if there are any of the families still living here that they are content with the names being remembered.

Once the article has appeared we will work towards raising the money required.

(11) BID

The Secretary and Chair were to meet the BID Manager but she has resigned her post. They will endeavour to meet with her successor.

(12) Man In Tent

A man is living in a tent on the prom at the site where the chalets used to be. Advised it was in hand with the Homelessness Team. The campervans were still coming to our end of the prom for overnight stays. Reported that the traffic wardens were active and did issue tickets, usually first thing in the morning.

(13) Website

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