Minutes of 9th May 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Carol Poynton, Brian Cossey, Cheryl Carlisle, Lianne Martin and Christine Turner.

(3) Police Report

Alex has returned from her sabbatical and gave an account of recent activity.

  • There has been the usual low level anti-social behaviour and also a burglary in Beach Road.
  • Funding has been obtained from the High Sheriff’s office of £100 for the Tan y Lan Community Centre.
  • Speeding cars Llysfaen Road continue to be a problem as are skate boarding youngsters. Alex advised us to report to “Go Safe” on line. Police are required to wear high visibility clothing, which deters drivers from offending at problem areas.
  • Lee Openshaw is the Sergeant for our area.
  • Owl operating well, with information from whole force area.

(4) Treasurer's Report

Absent. £240.58 in hand last Committee meeting.

(5) Minutes of 11th April 2018

(a) No Messing

Lianne absent however there would be a full report at next meeting. Efforts continue to engage schools in the Poster Competition. There had been a successful litter pick in the Min y Don, Beach Road and zig zag path area collecting a huge amount of rubbish. There will be an operation at the Fairy Glen organized by local scouts at 7:00pm, Tuesday 22nd May 2018.

Turn out on 5th May 2018:- Our Chairman, Keith and Kath Roberts, Dennis Clowser and the four Ambassadors, Lucy Francon, Hannah Scarrett, Kate Jones and Cerys Smith. Low turnout attributable to Bank Holiday perhaps.

(b) Prom/Pier/Meters

Still problems for pedestrians using prom who are obliged to cross and re-cross the main road to reaccess prom owing to repairs at junction with Rotary Way. Especially difficult for wheel chair users. Pier continuing to be dismantled. Agreed meters at prom sensible pricing and times conforming with general practice at other resorts. To be extended to rest of prom in due course.

(c) B.I.D.

No further news. Dave Bradley told us that Rhos on Sea traders were active in pursuing the likely use of this money which increases yearly and is match funded. Old Colwyn must not lose out in spite of apathy from our local businesses. Secretary to contact Anna Openshaw to see if she would meet the Committee of this Association.

(d) Plas Gwilym Quarry

No further news

(e) Berthes Road Car Park

No further news

(f) Blood Test Waiting Times

No further news

(g) Wet Path Beach Road

Improved with channel cut at side diverting water.

(h) War Memorial

Research continues to be made by Rhiannon into the men from Old Colwyn who died during the First World War and 20 names have come to Light so far who are absent from our Memorial. It is understood that it is likely to be costly to have their names engraved on it. One suggestion is that a Memorial Service could be held where a plaque honouring them would be dedicated to their memory to be subsequently displayed in Saint John's Church in this, the hundredth anniversary, together with suitable military representation and possibly our Côr Meibion Colwyn. Apart from local subscriptions, requests to the British Legion and similar organizations for funding might be made.

Colwyn boy, Owen Jones died on the same day, 31st July 1917, and the same place, the Battle of Passchendaele, Ypres, as the Welsh Bard, Hedd Wyn who won the Black Chair posthumously at the Birkenhead Eisteddfod just weeks after his death.

Councillor Brian Cossey and his Committee are currently assessing the various ways and means that the sacrifice of these local men are properly recognized. Further developments will be reported.

(i) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Still there. Responsibility of Town Council. Councillor Dave Bradley would pursue.

(j) Vegetation Min y Don Avenue

Secretary to meet Council Official on the 17th May 2018 at location.

(k) Pavement outside 52/54 Llysfaen Road

Water Board to be informed.

(l) Junction Princess and Abegele Road

Litter and suspect drug use.

(m) Road surface Wynne Avenue

Still in bad state.

(n) Post Office Closure

Due to sickness, now resolved.

(6) Web Hits April 2018


(7) Any Other Business

(a) New Council Building, Coed Pella Road

Cost £34M to build but Council will pay £1.45M rent per annum, rising yearly with inflation over 60 years maximum when Council will have option to purchase. (Secs. Note: Various media reports give slightly different figures)

(b) Glan y Don Buildings

No firm decision made to date as to use. It is a listed building.

(c) Cliff Gardens, Juntion Cliff Road

Would benefit by yellow parking restriction lines as it is a sharp and difficult corner to negotiate and cars are often parked there causing difficulties.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:00pm. Next meeting Wednesday, 13th June 2018, which will be the Annual General Meeting.