Minutes of 11th April 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

From Bob Barton, Lynne and Dave Horsley, Pat Clowser and Carol Poynton

(3) Police Report

P.C.S.O. Preston gave an overview of recent incidents.

  • A.S.B. seemed to be increasing with teenagers from Tan y Lan throwing eggs at property in Endsleigh and Heenan Road where there were also damaged cars.
  • Damaged cars Voryn Avenue.
  • They seem to gather at site of previous toilets at bridge at Penmaen Head.
  • Police to encourage shops not to sell eggs to youngsters.
  • Canabis smells junction of Abergele and Princess Roads.
  • Speeding cars continue at Llysfaen Road and youngsters speeding down the road on scooters. Police noted, and would include in school lesson plans for Schools Liaison Officers.
  • Thefts of garden ornaments and cycle stolen Voryn Avenue
  • Noted that “Owl” is now being received once more.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary and Chairman to attend ceremony at Town Hall 16th April 2018 to receive certificates.

(5) Minutes of 14th March 2018 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Lianne gave an account of latest activity. Cameras continue to record incidents, but a cabinet decision to allow public showings is still awaited. Lianne promised to urge action here. Camera at hot spot Queens Drive, Colwyn Bay has had positive result. Reported that bins at Eirias Park seemed to forbid dog mess being deposited. Lianne would see that Ambassadors would investigate, and report back. Noted that more bins could be provided. We were ready for the next “Litter Pick”, but please more prior notice. Tan y Coed Gardens in view. Dave Bradley is hoping to coordinate various organizations in working together. (Secretary since informed that one is provisionally envisaged for 25th May 2018). Lianne continues to try to engage Ysgol Hen Golwyn and the High School in activities.

(b) Pier/Prom/Meters

Pier dismantling progressing on schedule. Kiosk to be completed for season with tenant. Noted that east end of prom lacks a central white line which could be dangerous for strangers to area. Why is a section of prom still closed to pedestrians? Possibility of damage to foundations after storms. Noted that there was still sand in places on prom causing difficulties for wheelchair users. Highways will not agree to old market site being used as a car park as too near to A55.

(c) BID

Meeting next week. Christmas Fair meeting well attended last week, and arrangements progressing well.

(d) Plas Gwilyn Quarry

No further news

(e) Berthes Road Car Park

No information

(f) Blood Test Waiting Times

No further news

(g) Wet Path Beach Road

To be done in the near future

(h) War Memorial Missing Names

Rhiannon had been working hard and gave a full report of her research revealing more names and complexities. Some had died after being shipped home. Others were found to be commemorated on memorials in other towns. Some families were unable to afford the cost of inclusion on memorials at the time. She had obtained information from many sources. This being the centenary of the end of the First War it was felt appropriate that we mark the occasion suitably and this would be done after ensuring publicity in local press so that any descendants of those killed are fully aware. It hoped that we may hold a Service of Commemoration in November.

(i) Bus Stop Cefn Road

To be removed by council.

(j) Vegetation Min y Don Avenue

Secretary to speak with Council department responsible for area.

(k) Pavement outside 52/54 Llysfaen Road

Has been in dangerous condition for pedestrians for 2 years. Will these minutes aid a possible future claimant?

(l) Junction Princess and Abergele Road

Table moved. See also (3) above re possible cannabis use/sales at this location.

(m) Road Surface Wynne Avenue

This is on agenda for attention by Council.

(n) Web Hits

January 650 visits. February 202 visits. March 144 visits. These are unique visits, and don’t include repeat visits which are often in their thousands. The dip in February and March is a result of the site being down for a period when our provider left us without notice and David was obliged to rectify. Our thanks to David.

(6) Any Other Business

(a) Post Office

Noted that the Post Office was frequently closed. Secretary to speak with tenant, and possibly contact Post Office Counters. This is a busy, well used post office and situation is causing problems to many.

(b) Dando's

Dando’s is now owned by Conwy Council and is being renovated for shop premises and offices above.

(c) Imperial Hotel

There is no news as to the future fate of the Imperial Hotel.

(7) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.15pm, next meeting on 9th May 2018.