Minutes of 14th March 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Lianne Wood, Glyn Jones and Carol Poynton.

(3) Police Report

S/Ch. Insp Andy Moore explained that local police were in process of re-organization which accounted for their absence. “Owl” which we had been told was discontinued appeared to be in operation once more. However our organization is not circulated. Andy promised to follow up. Abandoned vehicle reported last month moved. Otherwise, a quiet period. Chris Perkins is in charge of police cadets who could become involved in community activities, i.e. litter picks.

(4) Secretary's Report

All covered by agenda

(5) Treasurer's Report

£240.58 in hand. Payment for hall hire due £30.00

(6) Minutes of 14th February 2018 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Council legal department have agreed that images caught on camera may be released on social media for identification purposes. However, this has to be ratified by Cabinet. There is some recording yet to be examined. There have been further images captured. Cameras continue to be moved between various locations as required. A resident in Queen’s Drive, Colwyn Bay asked if a camera may be installed near her home to combat frequent depositing. Since funding is from Colwyn Bay Council, this should be appropriate. Lianne and Council to be consulted. School children need to be brought on board. Andy felt that Police Cadets could be of assistance also in litter picks. The several organizations require a central co-ordinator for maximum efficiency. Public funds are available to facilitate this via “Keep Wales Tidy”.

(b) Côr Meibion Colwyn

Côr Meibion Colwyn are to host a visit at St. John’s Church on 21st March 2018 of a group of French school children. All welcome, free of charge. Chance to brush up your French and hear our great choir.

(c) Pier/Prom/Meters

Progress on dismantling pier One mural rescued. New building on prom on schedule for summer, with possibility for tenant. Brian explained Council have to find an £11,000,000 shortfall and meters were one of the several means to achieve this. Cheryl outlined the difficulties public social services faced with increased costs and more individuals requiring specialist assistance. Vent and sewage smells at Porth Eirias still to be seen to by engineers. Parking signs at meters on prom to be amended to accommodate disabilities.

(d) BID

Meeting at Marine Hotel 6:00pm, Monday 19th March 2018 re Christmas Market. Anna to be there. Parking can be dealt with by a form of Park and Ride system.

(e) Plas Gwilyn Quarry

No further news

(f) Berthes Road Car Park

No information

(g) Blood Test Waiting Times

Cheryl working on this. 520 calls a day, many occur at peak times, i.e. morning. Only 5 lines and difficulty when staff shortages occur at times of high demand. They are aware, and working to improve situation. The Welsh language line is usually free. Learn the national language? Why wouldn’t you?

(h) Wet Path Beach Road

Engineers to attend 21st March 2018

(i) Memorial Day Wreath

Ideas as to who is to present please.

(j) War Memorial Missing Names

Diege and Rhiannon still working on the 12 names to ensure accuracy. Possibility that there may be no family members still in existence.

(k) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Arriva have been informed. Reply/action awaited.

(l) Vegetation Min y Don Avenue

Road Agency have been informed, reply awaited. Litter problems also on their land near Tan y Lan Community Centre.

(m) Abandoned Vehicle

Abandoned vehicle moved. Police should respond to these in the interests of crime detection, obstruction and general proactive community interest.

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Civic Awards

Civic Awards function 16th April 2018 at Council Offices

(b) Pavement outside 52/54 Llysfaen Road

Pavement outside 52/54 Llysfaen Road dangerous and requires repair after Welsh Water work there 2 years ago.

(c) Corner Princess Road and Abergele Road

Youths congregate leaving rubbish. Table outside takeaway shop is on their land. Building to be taken over by new owners shortly.

(d) RL Davies Site, Llysfaen Road

Nothing may be done about this

(e) Road Surface, Wynne Avenue

Is being assessed by Council engineers. Damage caused by snow and ice.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:05pm. Next meeting 11th April 2018