Minutes of 14th February 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Gwyn, Merfyn and Rhiannon Thomas, David Davies-Jones.

(3) Police Report

Not present

(4) Secretary's Report

(a) Armed Forces Day Llandudno 30th June 2018

Military/ex military who wish to participate submit applications by 28th February 2018. See https://www.conwy.gov.uk/afdparade for information & application forms.

(b) Police Commissioner's "Early Intervention Fund"

The Police Commissioner has set up an “Early Intervention Fund” whereby funds are available for organizations whose mission it is to assist in cases where there domestic violence, drug use, or general poor domestic conditions and intervention which may be proactive in preventing crime.

(5) Treasurer's Report

Not present but currently £223.43p in hand.

(6) Minutes of 10th January 2018 Meeting

(a) No Messing

Lianne gave a full report on latest progress and changing locations of cameras. The camera at Tan y Lan had been removed for examination, and had not been stolen. Complaints received by the Council had fallen considerably since the exercise commenced. There were 800 recordings and members were shown the latest of someone apparently under 18 depositing litter. Legal Department are still to decide if they are willing to post on digital media. Youngsters would be spoken to rather than prosecuted when identified.

A member voiced concern that the council made regulations, but appeared reluctant to deploy personnel in order to enforce them. She clears up hundreds of dog deposits especially near schools. There is reluctance to use fluorescent markers in case of prosecution (law provides adequate defence). Why don’t Council use markers to warn pedestrians, and remind offenders?

Kingdom are still employed to enforce, but only appear to act in very minor incidents of littering.

There will shortly be a Community Litter Pick. Lianne to notify date.

(b) Pier/Prom/Meters

Some meters in operation. All active between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Eventually the whole prom will be metered. Noted that the white parking lines between Porth Eirais and Rotary way were indistinct. Residents permits were being considered.

Only steps giving access to beach between Old Colwyn and Porth Eirias are at Old Colwyn end. A member urged us to attend meetings of “Pier Pressure Group” in order to give ideas about future development of pier.

(c) B.I.D.

Chairman attended meeting. Apart from officials, he was the only businessman in attendance. General apathy exists here.

(d) Plas Gwilym Quarry

No further news

(e) Berthes Road Car Park

No further news

(f) Man Holes Abergele Road

No further news

(g) Blood Test Waiting Times

Results awaited after further enquiries

(h) Beach Road

Path is better but still wet

(i) Web Hits January


(j) Memorial Day Wreath

Agreed that this would proceed

(k) Missing Names on War Memorial

Steve and Diege had been tracing and verifying the missing names. Further developments to be reported. Agreed that both had been doing excellent work.

(l) Bus Stop Cefn Road

Still there

(m) Zig Zag Path

Still poor, although partially tarmacked

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Min y Don Avenue

Min y Don Avenue opposite Berthes Road is overgrown onto pavement

(b) New Council Building

The new Council building in Colwyn Bay will house 750 workers. Questions were raised as to how a building so out of character with the town could be erected. At the same time a shop in Old Colwyn was forced to spend money making minor alterations in order to maintain “Heritage Character”.

(c) Abandoned Vehicle Endsleigh Road

Reported to police who say it is not their responsibility. Secretary to follow up.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:25pm