Minutes of 10th January 2018 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet

(2) Apologies

Martin, Hilary, Gwyn and Pat Clowser

(3) Police Report

Not present

(4) Secretary's Report

(a) Emergency Planning

Brian, Cheryl, and Secretary attended Emergency Planning Meeting that afternoon by Colwyn Bay Council to commence plans for action prior to emergency services involvement in serious major incident. Initially we’d need to be able to identify vulnerable people, organise a ring down communication process, identify suitable buildings and resources available etc. As plans evolve, hopefully Association Members could become involved. Further developments to be reported.

(b) Colwyn Bay Conservation Society Grant

Our backing to Colwyn Bay Conservation Society for their project in Eirias Park had been successful in obtaining a grant of £2,500. Thanks to all who signed petition.

(c) Côr Meibion Colwyn Christmas Concert

Côr Meibion Colwyn and Canon Bellamy had brought our Community together at Saint John’s Church prior to Christmas with an excellent evening which had been well attended. It was agreed that the Association should contribute the sum of £25 towards their chosen charity, Hope House. Congratulations to all and we look forward to next Christmas and a magnificent repeat performance. They were given a round of appreciative applause in recognition.

(5) Treasurer's Report

£197 in hand with £1,720 set aside re “No Messing”.

(6) Minutes of Meeting 13th December 2017

(a) No Messing

One positive ID. Offender agreed to pay on the spot fine after viewing footage of his actions. Legal Department have yet to agree to display of footage in public domain to aid ID of other recorded but unidentified offenders.

(b) Pier/Prom

Conwy County Council have ignored all objections to the parking meters installed on promenade, including those of this Association. It remains to be seen if our stated reasons against the meters would be proved correct in the future. We are told by a member that their installation cost £83,000. To this must be added maintenance and ongoing administration. Will this be shown to be a sound investment one wonders? We’ll see.

(c) B.I.D.

Display of Cefn Road proposals to be in Yanni’s shop. Also, there will be a meeting at the Marine Hotel at 6.00pm on Tuesday 16th January 2018 to discuss plans for a Christmas Fair at Old Colwyn where the plans for Cefn Road will be also be on show.

(d) Quarry Planning

No further news

(e) Car Park Charges Berthes Road

No further news

(f) Calfaria Chapel

No further news

(g) Llysfaen Road Plot

No further news

(h) Man Holes Abergele Road

No action taken to date

(i) Blood Test Waiting Times

Callers being cut off after passing 4 telephone receivers. Apparently calls are now taken at Wrexham which incurs extra cost for some. It is thought that A & E at Llandudno has a “walk in” facility for tests. Cheryl has been in communication with the centre, and is awaiting results. Further developments to be reported.

(j) Railings Tan y Coed

Have a job number, but still awaiting completion

(k) Beach Road Wet Path

Council examined site on 9th January 2018

(l) Web Hits December

873 - Congratulations to David

(6) Any Other Business

(a) Remembrance Day Wreath

Agreed that this Association contribute a wreath on Remembrance Day to be presented by a member. Merfyn is responsible for supplying these in our area. Collections raised nearly £8,000 in 2017, £7,500 in the Precinct alone.

(b) Missing Names on War Memorial

Diege and Steve have been researching history of Old Colwyn service people lost in war who are not recorded on our memorial. Families of some could not afford the cost of the inscription and it is thought that this may be the reason some are missing. There are 12 to date and after ensuring that all are genuine examples, steps are to be taken that they are included after which they will have to be dedicated. Canon Quentin told us that there was one lady recorded on the Colwyn Bay Memorial.

(c) Darren Millar Weekly New Article

Darren Millar had an article in the Weekly News highlighting the parlous state of our end of the promenade. Cheryl informed us that things are moving, and that the Council had to work with all other services implicated at the location: rail, water authorities, domestic services etc. It is difficult to give information of opening of prom after high tides because foundations and services have to be checked prior to opening.

(d) New Promenade Kiosk

New building on prom west of pier is to be a kiosk.

(e) Wynne Avenue Road Surface

Pointed out that Wynne Avenue road surface is deteriorating. Is it because buses are re-routed there? Bus stop at Cefn Road is now superfluous. Why has it not been removed?

(f) Zig Zag Path

Zig zag path still in very poor condition.

(g) Glass Broken

Glass broken after recent storms at the shop junction of Abergele Road and Princess Road, must be made safe by owners. Council have seen them.

(h) Cars on Pavement

Mrs. Williams reported problems with cars parking on pavement in Old Colwyn forcing her to walk into road. Obstruction of footwalk police matter. To be informed.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.45pm. Next meeting 14th February 2018.