Minutes of 13th December 2017 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

David and Lynne Horsley, Martin Richmond, Quentin, Hilary, Chris and Cheryl.

(3) Secretary's Report

(a) BBC Children in Need Grants

Small grants are available for schemes established to deal with children exposed to illness, distress, abuse, behaviour problems, poverty etc.Contact Secretary.

(b) "Community Cohesion Events" Funding

Colwyn Bay Council are willing to fund “Community Cohesion Events” planned during 2018/19. Including festivals, events and activities which will bring the community together and encourage tourism. Applications to be received by by 31st December 2017. Contact Secretary.

(c) Promenade Parking Charges

David Bradley told us that the Council meeting to discuss this had been postponed from 9th December 2017 to 27th December 2017. Traders organization etc in Rhos had completed a petition against this. Secretary to contact Conwy County Council notifying them of this Association’s objections on the grounds of its effect on trade and tourism and the likelihood of parking in other, unsuitable areas.

(d) TCV Membership

It was agreed that renewal of our membership would not be productive at this time for the Association.

(e) Community Tree Fund

Funds available for planting of trees in public places. Must involve people under 16 years. After discussion, it was decided that we would not pursue the offer.

(f) 4 Weekly Bin Collections

For the time being, areas on 3 weekly collections will stay as they are. However, Cllr. Cossey advised that the County Council are forced to make savings of £10M in the near future, and refuse collection must be an area to be considered for savings.

(4) Treasurer's Report

  • £213.03 with £860 re “No Messing”.
  • We have received the second instalment of £860 re “No Messing”.

(5) Minutes of Meeting 7th November 2017

(a) No Messing

Lianne gave an outline of current progress. One definite identification had been made of owner allowing dog to foul. The person is currently deciding whether to accept the fixed penalty or proceed to trial. The legal department is still considering if it will allow offenders details to be placed on digital media for wider circulation and identification. Other cases are recorded, but remain to be identified until wider circulation is permitted. The expensive signs re litter and fouling are being destroyed adding to Council costs, and the likelihood of rate increases. Ysgol T Gwyn Jones pupils are engaged in poster design for the project. There is serious fouling and litter on paths and fields near this school.

There has been no response from local schools with regard to the proposed poster competition. Lianne was thanked for her report.

(b) Pier/Prom./Vent

David Jones MP/AS had been made aware of the publicity surrounding the children scaling the rail bridge and informed Network Rail who immediately reacted by improving the fencing which had allowed access.

(c) B.I.D.

Christmas decorations are funded by the Town Council, not B.I.D. These are very good, especially the tree. Secretary to write to Council expressing our appreciation for their efforts.

Cllr. Cowans has arranged for the Fitness centre to host a display of various proposals for the revamping of Cefn Road.

(d) Quarry Planning

No further news after refusal.

(e) Car Park Charges

The illegal notices advising this proposal have been removed.

(f) Calfaria Chapel

All furniture etc. has been removed from building. It is not currently known what the owners intentions are.

(g) Llysfaen Road Overglown Plot

No further news

(h) Man Holes Abergele Road

The complainant has not been contacted by the Council and the problem remains and will be exacerbated at times of closure of the A55. Cllr. Cossey noted.

(i) Drain Pipe Leak Plas Wylfa

No information

(j) Blood Test Waiting Times

Least busy times between 3:00pm and 5:00pm, best days are Thursday and Friday. Calls are passed via 4 telephones, when the 4th is busy, the caller is cut off. Blood Test Department to be informed.

(k) Railings Tan y Coed

Some have been replaced

(l) Beach Road Path

Very wet due to spring at location

(6) Web Hits November

930 - Can this be down to our new web site?

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Prom Closure

The recent extended prom closure was necessary because of exceptionally high spring tides. The water also causes damage to the substructure.

(b) Possible Gunshots

Report of sounds similar to gun fire in village 10:15pm Saturday 2nd December 2017. It was also noted that a sign outside the ambulance station seemed to have gunshot marks.

(c) Outside Ship Hotel

Reported that leaves are a hazard near bus stop at Ship hotel. There is also a water leak there. Water Board to be informed.

(d) A55 Closures

Note that A55 will be closed between 20:00 and 06:00hrs 19th December 2017 for road works.

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:00pm