Minutes of 8th November 2017 Meeting

(1) Present

All signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Gwyn, Catherine, Jayne, Chris, Niel Mahoney

(3) Police Report

Rachel told us that Operation Bang had gone ahead. Yellow card holders had attended “Bounce Below”. There had been Halloween parties and Bonfire night had passed without incident.

  • A break in had occurred at the English Methodist Church Hall, nothing stolen
  • Criminal damage Wynne Gardens, anti social behaviour Kensington Avenue area, extra patrols there
  • Lighting to be improved at footbridge between Eirias Park and Min y Don Ave to deter youths causing annoyance.
  • Railings at Tan y Bryn damaged.

The Canon Bellamy told us that children had climbed on the church roof causing damage resulting in water entering church. Had it fallen onto the organ, even more serious damage and expense would have resulted. In view of potential danger, 999 should be used to report.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary had received communication from Colwyn Council looking for nominees for awards for people who are an inspiration, who work in the community. In the following classes:

  • Individuals under 25 years
  • Inviduals 26-64 years
  • Individuals over 65 years
  • Any Trustee of such
  • Any group (2 or more) so involved

Nominations to be received by 31st January 2018. Please advise Secretary in order to have the backing of this Association.

(5) Treasurer's Report

£179.19 with £860 re “No Messing”.

(6) Minutes of Meeting 11th October 2017

(a) No Messing

Lianne gave a synopsis of latest developments. The cameras have recorded several incidents of dog fouling. Council legal department have been asked to explore the implications of placing recorded scenes of offenders on electronic media for identification, although our reading of the Data Protection Act seems to indicate that publication in order to detect crime is exempt. Efforts are underway to trace the offenders in the meantime. No one knows where cameras are placed from time to time, and be assured that evidence is continually being collected, and doors will soon be knocked upon. There are incidents in Tan y Lan, and Min y Don Park play area, where dogs are barred in any case. The owners of a Terrier, a Dalmatian and Collie should be concerned. Lianne told us that she is happy to work with any forthcoming event, together with the Dog’s Trust, to further the blight of dog fouling and litter. Canon Bellamy has no objection to dog owners using the church grounds in a responsible manner.

There has been no response from local schools with regard to the proposed poster competition. Lianne was thanked for her report.

(b) Pier/Prom/Fencing

Council meeting this coming Friday to determine tendering etc. re dismantling, the cost of which will be met with public funds. Nothing further on beach access at Tan y Lan, although recent publicity concerning the youngsters climbing on the rail bridge, and for which David Jones MP immediately wrote to Network Rail. We may therefore expect some positive action from them.

(c) Fan Vent Porth Eirias

No further news.

(d) B.I.D.

A local shop has agreed to contain a display. It is essential that we maintain interest in B.I.D. in order not to lose out on funding. This Association prefers the tradition plans for Cefn Road.

(e) It is thought that the builders are likely to appeal against the refusal, therefore this item will remain on our agenda.

Permission refused by Planning Committee.

(f) Car Parking Charges

No further news

(g) Calfaria Chapel

No further news

(h) Llysfaen Road Overgrown Plot

No further news, now looks like part of nature.

(i) Man Holes Abergele Road

Engineers have looked at this, and find nothing untoward. However, nearby residents’ property vibrate as heavy vehicles hit sunken manholes which are exacerbated when prom traffic is diverted through Abergele Road

(j) Parking near Plas Wylfa

Council have visited, but see no likely problems re emergency service access.

(k) Drain pipe leaking

Reported to Cartrefi who will attend

(l) Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Association, 13th December 2017 will be at 7pm where only essential business will be discussed and terminate at 7.30pm. Thereafter, we will retire to St. John’s Church where Côr Meibion Colwyn will entertain all.

(m) Web Hits October


(7) Any Other Business

(a) Traffic Lights Abergele Road

It isn’t known how long lights will stay in place because of scaffolding at Abergele Road.

(b) Blood Test Call Times

Blood Test telephone line, delay in answering: Secretary will make enquiries.

(c) Railings at Tan y Coed

Require attention

(d) Path Beach Road

Wet path next to river requires attention.

(e) Household Waste Charges

Discussion took place on new charges for depositing non household waste at recycling point. Council have had to deal with cut backs in cash from central government, and further large cuts in the future and have to economise and seek cash in many areas. It was pointed out that rubble, etc. was not strictly household waste and Council had to pay for its disposal. It was suggested that this would inevitably cause a rise in fly tipping. However, other Councils who had introduced this charge had not recorded any increase. Would householder charge their normal bins with heavy waste rather than pay

(7) Meeting Closed

Meeting closed, there being no other business at 8.10pm.

The next meeting will take place on 13th December 2017. Only urgent matters will be discussed to keep it short