Minutes of 11th October 2017 Meeting

In the absence of Richard, Cllr. Brian Cossey acted as Chairman and welcomed all to the meeting.

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Gwyn, Cheryl, Pat, Richard, Christine

(3) Police Report

Alex told us that there had been no major issues recently.

  • Youths at Min y Don Park and Totally Ape causing antisocial behaviour and smoking cannabis. PCSOs patrolling.
  • Speed checks Llanelian Rd and Wynnstay Road.
  • Youths on scooters down Llysfaen Rd likely to cause accidents.

Our PCSO.s have been able to obtain cash from the Proceeds of Crime funds for functions at the Tan y Lan Community Centre and visits to Bounce Below for the benefit of youths receiving “Yellow Cards” from the officers.

Residents advised to visit “West Conwy Safer Neighbour Team” site on line.

There are now 3 PCSO.s, Alex, Rachel and Matt. No one should hesitate to contact them.

(4) Secretary's Report

Members asked to consider looking at “Next Door” on the web, similar to “Facebook”

Merfyn asks for volunteers to sell poppies for upcoming Armistice Day. Please back him up. £20,000 raised in area last year, £9,000 in precinct alone. Contact Secretary.

Merfyn is willing to give us a talk in near future re the Great Orme military installations, probably January. He is able to supply a projector

(5) Treasurer's Report

£167.01 in hand. £860 set aside re “No Messing”.

(6) Minutes of Meeting 13th September 2017

(a) Crime, Nuisance etc.

See (3) above

(b) No Messing

Still no positive results from cameras. No news of identity of dog registered defecating in Wynne Gardens recently.

(c) Pier/Prom

Cardiff have given permission to dismantle pier at last. All useable members of the structure being stored by Conwy Council for future use.

(d) Fan Vent Port Eirias

No further news

(e) B.I.D.

Things are moving. Brian presented two alternative plans for the re-vamping of Cefn Road which were discussed. The members present were overwhelmingly in favour of the “Heritage” plan costing £178,000 as opposed to the “Modern” at £182,000. It was felt that the Heritage version would provide continuity to the Victorian ambience currently in evidence. We will seek an empty shop premises in order to display, and hopefully obtain a wider opinion.

(f) Quarry Planning

Permission refused by Planning Committee.

(g) Car parking charges Berthes Rd car park

Bryan asked members who haven’t already done so to sign a petition against these proposals. Discussion followed on the negative effect this would have on trade in the village. Also noted that charging on the promenade would discourage the visitors we currently enjoy during the summer months. Noted that parking at Porth Eirias was free, and would not be subjected to charges as it was not under Council control. Secretary would ensure posting on Facebook to encourage residents to sign at locations where signature sheets are available: Poynton’s, Londis, The Plough, The Cuckoo, and The Post Office. David, our webmaster, will see if an online petition is possible.

(h) Church Bells

Faculty awaited. No hourly chimes. Consultation with nearby residents.

(i) Calfaria Chapel

There has been no further work done on the premises. Thought to be cash flow problems. Our Chairman, Richard is keeping an eye on things.

(j) Llysfaen Road Overgrown Plot

No further progress

(k) Footpath Green Hill Road to Llawr Pentre

Cleaning now completed

(l) Manholes Abergele Road

Still in abeyance

(m) Parking Princess Road

Still parking in a manner to possibly cause problems for emergency vehicles attending Plas Wylfa.

(n) Web Hits September

A record 995 felt to be the result of our new web master, David, after his revamping of our site. He was congratulated with a round of applause for his work. Noted that we are visited by Colwyn expatriots all over the world.

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Plas Wylfa

Noted that a down drain pipe on the wall was leaking, leaving a stain. Brian noted.

(b) Blood Test Call Times

Difficulty noted in length of time it took to obtain an answer at the Blood Test Centre, Wrexham to make an appointment.

(c) Côr Meibion Colwyn

Suggestion from Côr Meibion Colwyn that the December meeting could be held at Saint John’s where the choir could entertain us, and other members of the village. Canon Bellamy has in the past wondered about the possibility of an illuminated Christmas tree, depending on electrical supply. Enquiries to be made with the Canon as to its feasibility on 13th December 2017.

(d) Climbing Onto Roof of St. John’s Church

Note from Secretary: youths are climbing onto roof of St. John’s Church, causing damage, especially during evening. Could those passing by pay attention, and call police as necessary in order to minimize harm? Water is entering church due to damaged roofing. It has also been noted that people are using the grounds of the church to exercise dogs with resulting fouling in what is a semi public place.

(7) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.05pm

The next meeting 8th November 2017, same venue.