Minutes of 12th July 2017 Meeting

(1) Attendance

All present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Martin Richmond, Cathy Burke, Lynne Horsley, Rhianne Jones, Dennis and Pat Clowser, Bob Barton, Brian Cossey, and Mark Chapman.

(3) Police Report

Matthew Preston our new Police Support Officer addressed the meeting telling that us he covered Llysfaen, and worked together with Alex, our normal officer, and that they would be working together to share responsibility for both areas. 16 reports of anti social behaviour dealt with, noisy house parties, social media bullying, urinating, one burglary, push bike stolen from shed, domestic incidents, windows smashed, eggs thrown at windows (again), CCTV records, theft of purse left accidentally at Aldi, bike dumped Plas Wylfa.

A member said that she called 101 about youngsters climbing scaffolding, took 5 minutes to answer. Matthew said that if it was thought there was possible danger to life, 999 may be considered. It was pointed out that Owl no longer existed. Since the public were the best resource available to the police, why was social media not used? He advised us to visit N.W.P.westcountrycoastal. He explained that it was necessary to pass information through the hierarchy before being released publically, resulting in delay. Frequently members of the public placed information themselves on social media, with excellent results. Should the police be doing the same?

(4) Secretary’s Report

As per Agenda.

(5) Treasurer's Report


(6) No Messing - Keep It Clean

Lianne addressed us telling us that we are now live, with press releases and social media exposure. Two cameras are in place at locations as advised, and notices posted. Monitoring them is a lengthy task, but Association members are not allowed to do this. They are infra red, recording at night. Receipts at Aldi were a problem, and Lianne is aware of this. All schools in the area have been contacted earlier this year, but replies are still awaited about proposed poster competition. Fines imposed have a 80% payment result. The Association were given notices for distribution in areas near the cameras installed.

(7) Minutes of 10th May 2017 Meeting

(a) Pier/Prom/Fencing

  • Planning permission for demolition of the pier being passed, we now await the decision of the Welsh Assembly.
  • Letters sent to Network Rail and Health and Safety Executive re fencing, reply awaited.
  • Cheryl told us that travellers who had entered the area under the rail bridge had been removed by the Railway Police and prosecutions were underway.
  • Western end of prom to be open end of July.

(b) B.I.D.

  • Anna Openshaw had resigned.
  • Work commenced painting railings from funding.

(c) Site R.L. Davies

Same condition, gate unsightly and vegetation needs attention.

(d) Railings Abergele Road Junction Princess:

“A” Boards still chained to railings.

(e) Saint John’s church bells

A compromise has been reached to the satisfaction of the majority by adjusting the proposed timing and frequency of the bells. A Faculty Decision is awaited.

(f) Proposed buildings at Penmaenrhos

A comprehensive building survey is being undertaken.

(g) Web Hits June


(h) Faulty grids Abergele Road.

Cheryl told us date given for attention 19th July 2017.

(i) Path from Cliff Road.

Needs attention still.

(j) Entry Station Road from Cefn Road.

Disabled bay at Cefn Road to be repainted. Cheryl would enquire if painted signage could be attended to at the same time.

(k) Proposed car park Berthes Road.

A member had started a petition re this. It was thought that the land had been bequeathed for residents to be free of charge. Documentation cannot be found. Could the library be of use here, or enquiries with local solicitors? Previously installed meters had been a costly failure. We are urged to sign the petition. Individual letters may also be forwarded to the Environmental Roads and Facilities Dept (E.R.F.), at Conwy County Borough Council, Bodlondeb. The new head of this department is very receptive.

(8) Any Other Business

(a) Scaffolding Station Road, near Cefn Road Junction has been in place for a long time.

(b) The entrance to Plas Wylfa is occasionally blocked by parked vehicles.

Several elderly people reside there and this could be a problem in the event of emergency. Cheryl would look at this.

(c) Calfaria Chapel has planning permission.

It is thought that the owner is awaiting extra cash to enable him to continue.

(d) Parking charges promenade:

A Council meeting to take place on 13th July 2017 about this.

(9) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting concluded at 8.20pm.

Next Meeting 9th August 2017.