Minutes of 14th June 2017 Annual General Meeting

(1) Attendance

All present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Brian, Cheryl, Vinny, Lynne Horsley, Martin, Police Rep., Merfyn Thomas, Gwyn.

(3) Police Report

Secretary read out the report from Alex in her absence.

  • Dispersal orders in place Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn. Arrests made for non compliance with these.
  • Visit “West Conwy Safer Neighbourhood Team” on Facebook for regular updates.
  • Speed checks in several areas.
  • Bikes stolen.
  • Extra patrols rear of Aldi to combat anti-social behaviour.

(4) Chairman's Welcome

Chairman welcomed all and gave an account of our main activities over the previous year. He congratulated our two Councillors on their recent re-election

(5) Secretary’s Report

Notified meeting of efforts to find a candidate for a "Businessperson under 35" scheme to find a young person who has succeeded in business worthy of an award. Let Secretary know if you have anyone in mind.

(6) Treasurer's Report

Secretary distributed copies of the current statement to all present showing a current balance of £1071.85p with bills to be paid for rent and web management.

(7) Eirias Park

A representative from the Colwyn Bay Conservation and Environment Federation, Mr. Bill Macmillan gave an outline of plans to improve Eirias Park by keeping it clean, landscaping, making more use of the Forest School and other buildings, improved seating, the creation of edible gardens and orchards and many other ideas requiring funding from various bodies. There will be a Litter Pick at 10.00am on Saturday, 1st July 2017, and volunteers are sought for this occasion. Bring your own bags if possible.

(8) Minutes of 8th June 2016 Annual General Meeting

Minutes had been circulated to all, and were accepted as a true record.

(a) Election of Officers

Appropriate notice had been given for election of officers. None had been received, and the existing officers and Committee had indicated a willingness to continue. Since the loss of Keith Forecaste we lacked a Vice Chair. Janet and Ray had indicated that they could no longer be members of the Committee owing to other commitments. Ray however was willing to continue to manage the web site. Secretary expressed his thanks to Ray for doing this in such a competent manner. The current Officers and Committee are:

Richard Poynton
Vice Chair
Monty Slocombe
Brian Cossey
Janet Sutton
Peter Lawrence
Mark Chatham
Cheryl Carlisle (Co-opted)

Chairman proposed the nomination of Jane Martin to the Committee and this was seconded by Janet Sutton. Jane agreed to her nomination, and this was approved by the meeting unanimously.

(b) Promenade Parking Charges

No further information. Councillors opposing this.

(c) Kebab shop selling alcohol

Licence granted. They now deliver alcohol as well as food.

(d) Saint John’s Church Gardens

They are still looking for volunteers to take charge of small plots here. Contact Secretary or Canon Bellamy if interested.

(e) Tan y Coed Gardens

Members noted that these were in poor shape generally and required attention: hedge cutting, edge trimming, mud on paths, drains need clearing etc. The owner of the former Saint John’s building, now a dwelling, reported that his property insurance was now £10,000 because of flood risk of Afon Colwyn due to silting liability. No one recalls flooding in the area, but this has arisen due to the “post code” effect. It is thought that the river was gifted to the Council, and is not the responsibility of Welsh Water.

(f) Dog Fouling and Litter

We are now in possession of funds, and high tech cameras have been purchased. Lianne needs to know “hot spots”. Many blighted areas are noted: Old Station Road, path between Queens and Station Road, Coed Coch Road, Dolwen Road, path between Rose Hill and Llanelian Road and area near the bus stop near Marine Hotel. This was thought to be one ideal area for litter. We need the publicity of one “catch” to be effective. The launch of the scheme on 1st June 2017 at Tan y Lan went well. Lianne is currently away, and this information will be passed to her. It was noted that cycles were being dumped in the river.

(9) Any Other Business

(a) Bells at Saint John’s Church

A resident had complained that the new mechanically operated bell gave a different sound to the rope operated mechanism and they also sounded for longer periods causing annoyance to neighbours. His main concern was that there had been no prior consultation with neighbours. A number of parishioners/neighbours, but not the complainant, were in attendance, and the Church Warden explained that it was necessary to resort to the new mechanism for several reasons, including that excessive wear to the bell by the original workings could put it in danger of fracturing. The bell had 7 semi tones which were no different to the original, and had been in place since 1903. The old bells were rung for 10 minutes, the new for 8. After installation, it had been necessary to train operatives, and that may have resulted in extra periods of ringing. The complainant suffered with tinnitus, and had expressed his concern to the Church authorities directly. It was appreciated that bell ringing has been an accepted feature of most churches from time immemorial. It is hoped that this issue can be resolved by mutual agreement. At this stage it was felt that there was no action the Association could take.

(b) New Councillors

Mark Jones and Bob Barton were two newly elected Councillors to the area, and the Chairman welcomed them to our meeting. Bob addressed us stating that the tower block fire in London had had an impact on him, as he had lost his frail mother to fire. Colwyn Bay had been invited to be a prototype of a Community Awareness and Resilience scheme whereby the location of vulnerable people in society could be registered. In the event of a major disaster, the services would be aware of their location and special requirements. He gave examples of this when the authorities were aware of such people in an excessive snow storm, farmers contracted to clear roads were then able to prioritise their schedule to cater for the most needy first.

(c) Plot of land Meiriadoc Road in untidy state

Owner aware, but has taken no action.

(d) Promenade Stage 3

Money has now been set aside for stage 3 of the Colwyn end of the promenade to commence in 2018.

(e) B.I.D.

B.I.D. is run by a separate board, not the Council. There is much concern here, money not being spent, lack of information etc.

(f) Nuclear Bunker

It was suggested that members may like to visit the nuclear bunker below the Town Hall before the building is demolished. Could Brian or Cheryl organize this?

(10) Meeting Closed

Meeting Closed at 8.30pm.

Next Annual General Meeting on 13th June 2018