Minutes of 10th May 2017 Meeting

(1) Meeting Opened

Meeting opened at 7.00pm and all present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Canon Bellamy, Brian, Cheryl, Lynne, Janet and Ray.

(3) Police Report

Gethin gave a resume of recent events:

  • Burglary Wynne Avenue North, phones, bank cards, car keys and car stolen. Entry gained by means of object pushed through letter box to lift keys from hook near door.
  • Dogs stolen.
  • Churchmen’s Club broken into.
  • Criminal damage to windows in Sefton Road (arrest made).
  • Anti social behaviour Kensington Avenue.
  • Police present at several locations re speeders

It was pointed out by a member that a quad bike had been stolen on between 30th April 2017 and 1st May 2017 at Llysfaen. Secretary had circulated details via Facebook and a possible suspect had been indicated as a consequence. He was anxious to know the result of inquiries. Owl had been terminated, but this incident was an example of how Owl could have functioned if used efficiently. Gethin promised to inform us of the results. He told us that he would be leaving shortly in order to take up training for the regular force, but Alex would look after the Residents.

(4) Pier

Chairman introduced Mr. Nigel Gilbert to the Members who went on to explain the Pier Preservation Society’s latest developments. He went on to explain how storm Doris in February had started to demolish the structure rendering many parts dangerous. They were expecting “Listed Building” demolishing consent to be granted. In the meantime they had entered into a new partnership with Conwy C. Council and were formulating a business plan for a future, smaller structure. Freeleys were salvaging and labelling all useable material which was being stored by the Council for future use to this end. There would be a multi use space at the shore end to include a “cloud canopy” covered area and open air space for events including historical events of the past shown of cine films, photographs etc. supplied by local people. There would be kiosks supplying the usual seaside provisions and a café and south facing sun terrace. The “Cloud” cover would be Teflon coated with vents designed to regulate excessive weather conditions. Entry would be free of charge. There is to be wide consultation to establish needs, especially at schools. The area would be available for all proposed events

They have been in consultation with a David Clarke, who made a success of Hastings pier and have convinced the Council that they have a viable plan. Approaches will be made to the Heritage Lottery Fund for Stage One Development. Expected overall cost to be £10-£12 Million.

A member pointed out that Eirias Park had lost £842,000 in 2015 and that this year it was in the region of £500,000 and asked if the pier project could expect to profit. Nigel believed it would be profitable.

It was said that plans were in hand for parking charges to be imposed for parking in the town and promenade. Were they to be installed, would it affect business on the promenade? It was understood that there had been opposition to this in Council and it may not happen.

Nigel presented their plans with the aid of professionally produced plans giving all a clear idea of the proposals.

He was thanked by the Chairman and a round of applause ensued.

(5) Secretary’s Report

(a) Grant Availability

Secretary reminded the Membership that he was continuously being informed of available grants from various bodies. He urged the Membership to advise him of any intended or ongoing project needing funding in order that full use may be made of it.

(b) Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting would be in June. Please inform Secretary of nominations for the Committee and Officers. We were currently short of an Assistant Chair, and new blood is always welcome.

(6) Treasurer's Report

£211.85 in hand with £860 as first stage of “Keep it Clean” project.

(7) Minutes of 2nd April 2017 Meeting

Minutes have been circulated

(a) No Messing - Keep It Clean

Launch would be at the Tan y Lan Fair on Saturday, 27th May 2017. Please mark dairies for this event when Les Edwards and his dog would be present to give us a helping hand and demonstration. He’s a man worth meeting.

(b) Gregg Foundation Grant

Cheryl had made sure that the Carer’s Organization had submitted their application and we now await results.

(c) B.I.D.

No further news here. Disappointing response from local business people. We must ensure Colwyn doesn’t lose out.

(d) Extractor Fan

No news. Still on agenda.

(e) Rail fencing/Steps to beach

No response from Network Rail. Secretary had replied to their last letter pointing out that it didn’t answer the queries raised together with photographs as illustration.

Copies and covering letter also sent to Health and Safety. A Member suggested that they should be reminded of their corporate liability for manslaughter and this will be incorporated if necessary in future correspondence.

(f) Speeding Llysfaen Road

As section 3 above

(g) Garden Oppposite Coed Coch Road

No further progress.

(h) Site R L Davies

No progress

(i) Paper Shop Frontage

Owners of building bankrupt and they no longer have an interest in defending the issue.

(j) Parking restrictions Endsleigh Road

Not yet commenced

(k) Railings Abergele Road

Now removed, Council still pressing owners to remove sandwich boards from pavement.

(l) Parking Restrictions

As section 4 above, not yet determined and some opposition in Council.

(m) Saint Catherine’s Church

No Further news. A member living near Saint John’s Church was badly affected by the new bells installed there which had an unpleasant mechanical chime and continued for inordinate lengths of time (157 consecutive chimes) He explained that there had been no consultation with residents prior to installation. He had informed the Environmental Officer of the problem. He felt that there was no clock on the tower, and that there were manual bell ringing facilities there which could be used.

Canon Bellamy had been in Consultation with the Secretary and had said that he too had consulted the Environmental Officer. The electric hammer installed could be regulated as to time and volume. He agreed that the periods were too long, and had adjusted this. He was anxious that a mutual agreement with the neighbours may be reached. He was unable to attend tonight, and it was agreed that we would initially negotiate together to resolve the situation.

(n) Building Site Penmaen Rhos

Planning permission had been applied for. We await results.

(o) Aldi car parking

The reduction in parking resulted from Aldi leasing out parking to a parking firm who had reduced it to 90 minutes from 3 hours. Enquiries had been made at planning, and there were no stipulations there regarding parking periods. An Aldi representative had attended this Association on 14.11.08. Explaining their intentions. Accurate and extensive records of this meeting had been made by our Secretary at the time, David Curtis, and there had been no promise from Aldi in connection with parking periods.

(p) Web Hits April


(q) Cefn Road

No entry signs installed Cefn Road

(r) Faulty grid Abergele Road

Causing excessive noise to nearby residents.

(s) Path from Cliff Road

Requires attention.

(t) Traffic Princess Road

Traffic contravening one way sign

(8) Any Other Business

(a) A55 Signage Brompton Avenue

There had been no response to date re signage onto A55 at Brompton Avenue.

(b) Entry from Cefn Road onto Station Road

Entry from Cefn Road onto Station Road dangerous as some drivers assume road is clear as the left side is no entry.

(9) Meeting Closed

Meeting closed at 8.12pm

Next meeting is the Annual General Meeting on the 14th June 2017