Minutes of 12th April 2017 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Gwyn, Canon Bellamy, David Masdon, Martin Richmond, Janet Sutton, Kath Burke, Vinny Garside, Adrian Mason, Lynne Horsley & Janet Gardner.

(3) No Messing - Keep It Clean

Chairman reported that he and the Secretary had attended a function at the Town Hall where the Association had been presented with a cheque as payment for £860.00, the first tranche of a total of £1720.00 for the project to clean Old Colwyn of litter and dog fouling. He invited Lianne Martin to explain progress to date. Lianne went on to inform the membership that they had been busy pricing equipment, CCTV cameras, signage, identifying "hot spots" and much else behind the scene. Lianne's department had liaised with the organizers of the Tan y Lan Fete which is to be on 27th May 2017 where the project would be officially launched together with suitable press coverage. The 5 schools in the area are to be involved with a competition for designing an imaginative, impactive, permanent sign. Full use would be made of social media outlets. It was suggested that members should consider a suitable logo for the Association. All suggestions to the Chairman. This needed to be done as soon as possible.

Secretary to contact Gavin Davies for advice. Secretary will also seek to secure the attendance of Les Edwards and his dog for the launch on 27th May 2017.

It was important that we kept accurate records of activities and expenditure to satisfy our benefactors. It was hoped that the membership would be ready to give help and support during the course of the project. Our chance to do something positive to clean up Old Colwyn other than complain!

(4) Secretary’s Report

A representative of the Pier Project would attend our May meeting to explain progress with their bid to save and restore as much as possible of the pier after it has been dismantled after the recent storm.

Cheryl is to attend a meeting of the Carers' Forum in the near future to consider the possibility of obtaining funding from the Gregg Foundation. Applications for this must be in by 24th June 2017.

(5) Treasurer's Report

£202.22p in hand. The £860.00 ((3) above) to be kept separately.

(6) Minutes of 8th March 2017 Meeting

(a) B.I.D.

A lot of disquiet here with business people complaining that money is not being used to best advantage.It is important that Old Colwyn does not lose out on this venture.

(b) Gregg Foundation

See (4) above

(c) Extractor Fan Porth Eirias

Yet to be resolved

(d) Steps to beach Tan y Lan

Letter from Network Rail ignored this request. Noted that rocks had also been placed at bottom of steps. Possibility of people being trapped by incoming tide unable to gain dry land. Secretary to inform Health and Safety and also point out to Network Rail once more. The Harbour Master had also expressed concern over the matter.

(e) Speeding Llysfaen Road

Still a problem. Cheryl had been in contact with police who told her that "Arrive Alive" had been there that day, with nil success.

(f) Garden opposite Coed Coch Road

Brian had been in contact with Man's Shop who still had it on their work list.

(g) Sites RL Davies and at Endsleigh Road

Natural Resources Wales cannot intervene in this matter. There is concern that the Endsleigh Road site could have undesirable substances under the rubble.

(h) Paper Shop frontage

Letter from Council, who are considering proceedings against owners to enforce them to restore frontage to "original design". This Association feel that the action is unwarranted and agree to support the owners. Brian would draft a suitable letter of notice for the Secretary to forward to the appropriate department in order that we may express our opposition to the Council's actions and support for the owners.

(i) Pool Tan y Bryn

Now resolved

(j) Signage Brompton Avenue

Letter from Road Agency to say that the matter is to be looked into.

(k) Parking restrictions Endsleigh Road

Waiting signage and yellow lines in near future.

Railings Abergele Junction Princess Rd

"A" boards had been placed at location of removed rails, defeating objective of exercise.

(m) Proposed parking restrictions

No further news

(o) St. Catherine's Church

Canon Bellamy had received many suggestions here. Lately he had been in consultation with the nearby school who had suggested that it would make an ideal venue for their use as a library and place where they may do homework and pursue educational activities. Toilet facilities of the existing nearby school would be used as it is adjacent to the Church.

(p) Building Site Penmaenrhos

Planning permission to be submitted. They have taken little notice of the results of the "Consultation".

(q) Aldi Car Park

Brian to enquire position re original terms of planning permission to which Aldi were allowed to erect store where it is believed that parking for 3 hours was permitted. This is now 90 mins., with responsibility delegated to a private parking firm.

(r) Web hits


Ray explained that the site had been down for several days, but now restored. He asked that he be informed if it was noticed that the site was off line in order that he could arrange its restoration.

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Old Football Field

The work on the old football field, opposite stadium, was to accommodate a new car park for the venue.

(b) Imperial Hotel

Talks are in progress re the future use of the Imperial Hotel.

(c) Cefn Road Signs

here are to be new "No Entry" signs for Cefn Road.

(d) HGVs Abergele Road

Heavy goods vehicles using Abergele Road when the A55 is shut cause noise and vibrations to buildings nearby. A faulty grid is exceptionally bad near junction with Princess Road when traffic pass over it.

(e) Path Wynne Avenue

Path from Wynne Avenue North needs attention.

(f) Rashmi Surgery

Rashmi Surgery will close on 11th May 2017. In the meantime locums are acting there.

(g) Traffic Princess Road

Noted that traffic sometimes drive against "One Way" signs in Princess Road

(8) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.15pm

Next meeting same location 7.00pm 10th May 2017.