Minutes of 8th March 2017 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Hilary Hughes, Harvin Garside, Cathy Burke, Jayne Martin, Dennis and Pat Clowser, Christine Lee and Niel Mahoney.

(3) Police Report

  • Burglary Station Road, jewellery stolen.
  • Garage broken into.
  • Two arrested in possession of counterfeit £50 notes.
  • Officers have been active in Abergele and Llysfaen Roads with regards to speeders
  • Warrants executed in relation to drugs and illegal tobacco on a recent “Impact Day”.
  • The van in Cliff Road has been reported.
  • There have been recent cases of “charity bags” left at homes which are not registered charities, be aware and report incidents to PCSO Alex.
  • Vehicle with loud exhaust Queens Road. Secretary to forward registered number of suspect to Alex reported at previous meeting.

(4) B.I.D.

Chairman introduced Anna Openshaw to the members. She is head of the Business Improvement District, B.I.D. He apologised for the lack of attendance of local business people, all of whom had been made aware of the meeting by members and also by Anna.

Anna went on to explain that her mission was to put the district which comprised Rhos, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn on the map. There were 845 businesses in the total area and it was important that signage indicating what was available here to visitors who would otherwise bypass us. Funding could also be used to tidy shop frontages etc. Other ideas were sought. The Old Colwyn Summer Fete would go ahead again this year. A triathlon was considered, as was an Easter egg hunt with prizes. An “App” could be introduced whereby businesses could advertise offers available. Hygiene and safety packages could be promoted. B.I.D.s aim is to ensure that our value as a venue is known throughout the U.K. We have our Heritage Walks, our history, in particular the association with Prince Madog an early “discoverer” of America not to speak of the natural beauty with which we are endowed. Canon Bellamy would like to see Saint John’s Church, a grade two listed building floodlit. It was suggested that the War Memorial could be floodlit also. There was also the possibility of adding to the funding for “Added Value” activities, i.e. non statutory functions such as litter clearance.

Anna was thanked for her presentation and there was a round of applause.

(5) Secretary's Report

Secretary outlined possibility of funding from the Gregg Foundation which offered up to £2,000 to aid those disabled, chronically sick, living in poverty, voluntary carer’s, homeless or isolated people or anyone with significant needs. There were performance targets, including decreased isolation, improved health, life skills and opportunities etc. which must demonstrably be shown to have been achieved. Members urged to advise Secretary of possible beneficiaries.

He went on to outline the result of the last Committee Meeting when Lianne Martin attended to explain the way forward with our “No Messing-Keep it Clean” project. We sought the approval of the Membership to allow our Chairman and Secretary to attend a function at the Town Hall on 3rd April 2017 in order to receive the first installment of £1,720. Lianne explained that they would purchase all equipment as and when required and the Association would reimburse her team. Since the use of CCTV cameras in public was controversial, they would assume responsibility for their deployment and management in order to comply with the laws governing such use. It was hoped that extensive pre publicity of the scheme could act as a deterrent in itself. The trial period would last six months after which all equipment would revert to the Council although we could have future access. This project may be seen as part of B.I.D., (4) above, added benefit.

(6) Treasurer's Report

£220.92 with rent and insurance due (£180.00 anticipated)

(7) Minutes of 8th February 2017 Meeting

(a) Rail fencing/pier/prom etc

Noted that the embankment fencing was unfinished and had gaps in it. Secretary to inform David Jones MP and also Network Rail. Cllr. Cossey outlined latest pier saga. 4 uprights snapped after recent storm. Demolition in progress to dismantle and store all useful fabric, especially balustrades on Council land. Demolition to continue to building’s seaward end. The Council will hopefully by the end of this month be in a position to apply for planning permission and listed building consent to remove the buildings and the rest of the structure of the pier. The Council are in ongoing discussions with CADW to ensure they are satisfied with each step of the dismantling and storage. They have £800,000 set aside for dismantling.

(b) Extractor fan Porth Eirias

In abeyance.

(c) Fly Tipping

It was noted that fly tipping was on the increase probably because of extended periods of collection dates and the difficulties experienced by business owners in disposal of refuse at disposal sites.

(d) Steps to beach Tan y Lan

Still blocked off. Secretary to write to Network Rail.

(e) Speeding Llysfaen Road

As in police report

(f) Garden opposite Coed Coch Road

No further news

(g) Sites RL Davies and Queens Junction Endsleigh Roads

Council have contacted both owners, without success. They have no powers of enforcement in these cases.

(h) Paper Shop Frontage

No one can see the sense in the planning requirement to alter this frontage which is a vast improvement to its previous condition. Secretary to write to Planning Head to convey the opinion of the Resident’s Association.

(i) Pool Tan y Bryn

Still in same condition. Cllr. Cossey noted. He has contacted appropriate department several times. Also the path leading from Cliff Road to Tan y Bryn Gardens is in a parlous condition.

(j) Signage Brompton Avenue

No reply from North Wales Road Agency.

(k) Parking restrictions Endsleigh Road Junction Wynstay Road

Not yet installed. Potentially dangerous exit here.

(l) Railings Abergele Road Junction Princess Road

Council have this in hand.

(m) Proposed parking restrictions

Both our Councillors make full representation against these at every opportunity.

(n) St. Catherine’s Church future use

Canon Bellamy still working on this, and looking for ideas from community.

(o) Building Site Penmaenrhos

No further news.

(p) Proposed 150 houses Dolwen Road

The reference in Item (7)(h) in the Minutes of 11th January 2017 contains misleading information. There are currently NO proposals to build any further housing in the vicinity of Dolwen Road.

(q) Web Hits February


(8) Any Other Business

(a) Rashmi Surgery

Closure of Rashmi Surgery has been brought forward to May. Patients will be redistributed to other surgeries in the area. Existing surgeries have an “open list” in order to absorb them, and Cadwgan is to have one extra Doctor. See footnote 1

(b) HMO Hesketh Road

Cllr. Squires told us that the planning for a house of multi occupation had been refused at Hesketh Road. It would have taken 4 persons every 12 months, and it was expected that some would remain domiciled in the Bay.

(9) Meeting Closed

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 8.20pm.

Next meeting to be on Wednesdasy 12th April 2017.

[1] There was a misconception that surgeries could readily take more patients if they had an "open list". The truth is that a closed list is very rare and can have major implications hence surgeries showing an open list is the norm, even though they face difficulties taking more patients. G.Ps are very worried and some practices in North Wales are facing closure despite having open lists.