Minutes of 8th February 2017 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

John Kirkwood and Christine Lee.

(3) Police Report

Our new PCSO Alex Aldous was introduced by the Chairman. Alex had been in position in Old Colwyn for a week after service in Rhyl. She reported:-

  • Two burglaries in Llanelian Road, both between 6am and 7am via insecure doors where money and purses were stolen. Once more basic security must be maintained.
  • Gangs of youngsters between 14 and 17 were causing annoyance by rowdy behaviour, spitting, and generally abusive behaviour. Dispersal Orders were in force for groups of 4 or more. Please report further gatherings.
  • A member reported speeding heavy goods vehicles on the A55. Alex noted and would inform Traffic Dept.

(4) Address by Mr G Edwards & Mr D Rowlands from Conwy Council about the waterfront works

The chairman introduced Mr Geraint Edwards and Mr Dyfed Rowlands, both from Conwy County Council and responsible for Environment, Road and Facilities and Flood Risk and Infrastructure Management respectively, who had kindly attended in order to update the residents in connection with current activities on our promenade. Mr Edwards informed us that planning commenced on the Victorian defences 8 years ago and to date they are pleased with progress. He explained how the new sand as an amenity and sea defence was a calculated risk. A “T” groin would have cost £2M. However, the sand loss was less than predicted, and had been the better choice. There was approval from Residents. Old Colwyn end of the promenade, phase 3 was last because there were no buildings to defend although the railway, the A55 and the sewers under the promenade were considered as a priority by the Council. Plans for Old Colwyn Prom. are well underway, and have been modelled in Oxford in a massive tank.

Mr. Rowlands told us that the storms of 2014/15 had exposed the vulnerability of the promenade at Old Colwyn. Funding came from various sources and it was essential that all bodies worked together in order to achieve the outcome: Network Rail, Welsh Water, cycle track, local Councillors and Ministers in Cardiff. More funding would become available in 2018. All designs are in place, and they, the Council, felt ready to proceed. The work had been estimated at some £12/14M but that could expect to rise. Questions were then invited

A member reminded us that the last breach of the Rail embankment had cost £40M

In answer to a question, it was explained that funding still needed to be resolved. There had been a “Scheme Approval”. The engineering is relatively easy compared to funding. The sand at Colwyn Bay was classed as an Amenity AND a Defence. It was explained the proposed Tidal Lagoon according to the Hendry Review would not be a defence. The Swansea Lagoon would be a Pilot Scheme. The sea damaged pier had been made safe. Piers offered little in the way of sea defence. It was expected that phase 2 (Rhos end) would be completed in June or July. Up to now the contractors were on schedule. A resident commented that there was still dangerous debris exposed after the recent storms. Mr. Edwards made a note of this. He also noted that sand still remained in parts after high tides. The corroded steps near the Marine slipway on the prom. would be attended to soon. It was commented upon that the newly erected fencing on the rail embankment appeared weak and requires tidying. It was wondered if the promenade was being funded to any extent by the E.U. and Mr. Edwards would verify if this was the case, or if Brexit would affect funding issues. A resident enquired if toilets would be included in Phase 3. Unfortunately, they would not be.

That concluded the question and answer session and the Chairman thanked Mr. Edwards and Mr. Rowlands for giving of their time to the residents to explain progress on the promenade works.

(5) Secretary's Report

(a) B.I.D.

Ann Openshaw would be present at the March Meeting to discuss the B.I.D. plans. It was hoped that Association members would make sure that all Old Colwyn business people known to them would be encouraged to attend in order that their views may be heard, and that Old Colwyn should make every effort to ensure that we get our share of funding.

(b) No Messing-Keep it Clean

Our application to Colwyn Bay Council for funding had been successful, and the Association would receive the full £1750.00 in order to implement the project. It would be given in two tranches, the first in April 2017, and the second in October. Lianne Martin would attend our next Committee meeting to discuss the details of future action. It was hoped that volunteers would be forthcoming when the time came to implement the scheme. It was suggested that the draft plan would be posted on our site.

(6) Treasurer's Report

£242.07 in hand with Insurance and the rent to pay shortly.

(7) Minutes of 11th January 2017 Meeting

(a) Rail fencing/pier/prom etc.

As reported above (4)

(b) Porth Eirias/Extractor fan/breakwater

Fan to be attended to breakwater as in (4)

(c) Bin Collections

No further news. Collections seem a little tidier, but wind often a problem. It was agreed that the collection staff worked hard.

(d) Steps to beach at Tan y Lan

It was queried whether Network Rail could legally bar the steps from the beach to the path.

(e) Speeding Llysfaen Road

A car’s number had been recorded and given to police.

(f) Garden Opposit Coed Coch Road

Man’s shop had it on their list.

(g) Sites R.L. Davies and Queens and Endsleigh Road Junction

Owners had been informed, but sites remained in an untidy and overgrown state.

(h) Rashmi Surgery

The 1,200 patients from this now closed surgery had been allocated to Cadwgan (800) and the West End (400). One extra doctor allocated to Cadwgan Surgery.

(i) Paper Shop Frontage

No further news

(j) Pool at Tan y Bryn

Still requires attention. Paths at Llawr Pentre and Cliff Road attended to.

(k) Signage at slip way Brompton Avenue

Secretary to contact North Wales Road Agency.

(l) Web Hits


(8) Any Other Business

(a) Railings Abergele and Princess Road

Still presented a blocked view to motorists entering Abergele Road from Princess Road although some had been removed.

(b) Parking

The Traffic Order re parking would become effective any day now for some areas in the village.

(c) St. Catherine's Church

Canon Bellamy informed the residents that St. Catherine’s Church remained unsold possibly because of the graves situated there. There would shortly be press coverage seeking ideas for its us as a community based facility. Association members are asked to come forward with ideas to this end.

(d) Proposed Car Park Charges

No news to date

(e) Coop Store

The refurbished Coop opens 10th February 2017 and they have donated a sum of money to the “Friends of Llanelian Road Cemetary". There was a round of applause with this news.

(f) Proposed building site at Penmaenrhos Quarry

Our Councillors had attended a public meeting along with 70 others objecting to the proposals on the grounds of excess traffic and strains on the infrastructure. There would be another meeting in the near future. Civitas, the Housing Association would be resisting opposition.

(g) Hesketh Road Rehab Centre

Cheryl Carlisle told us that the proposed drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre at Hesketh Road would not now proceed.

(i) Houses Dolwen Road

Objections continued to the proposed building of 150 houses off Dolwen Road. They had conducted a Traffic Survey between 10am and 3pm to indicate traffic flow there!

(9) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.05pm.

Next meeting at the same location and time on 8th March 2017.