Minutes of 11th January 2017 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Cllr. Cossey, Patricia Dickman, Janet Gardner and Christine (Lee)

(3) Police Report

Police officer present gave an update on enquiries into the murder in Colwyn that had taken up so much police time with enquiries. He assured the residents that there was no need for concern, and that suspects were in custody whilst enquiries continue.

  • Shed broken into
  • Bicycle stolen
  • Disability badge stolen from car
  • £30 stolen from taxi.
  • Incident of people banging on a van door in Station Road New Year’s Eve. No damage done or reported. Drunk female taken home, two males currently unknown.

Otherwise, no further problems.

(4) Address by Special Chief Inspector Moore

Introduced himself to the residents giving his background as a local person, having been raised in Colwyn and very much a member of the community. He had chosen the Special Constabulary as he wished to serve the community, but having a successful career, did not want to jeopardise this by restarting as a professional police officer. There are 180 Specials in north Wales, and they have the same functions and powers as a Regular officer and are governed by Police Regulations as are regulars. Often their skills and Expertise could be used to advantage, for example in finance, management etc. Specials are involved in most police duties and have a support role in acting as football “spotters” to identify trouble makers. 6 Specials work as road safety team members identifying Anti Social driving habits when, initially, warnings and advice are given. Other duties include various parades, the Police Open Day and many other matters. Each Special must commit to at least 16 hours per month. Over 2016 they completed 57,000 hours service in 8,700 shifts making 250 arrests, over 1,000 breath tests, of which 35 positive and 2 drug “swipes” (samples for drugs). They issued 135 Notices of Intended prosecution and checked 125 Licenced premises. All are volunteers, receiving no pay and some apply for no expenses for example travelling. A positive contribution to policing our society by public minded people. Answering a question about armed police, he pointed out that the Tazer is in fact a firearm already carried commonly.

(5) Minutes of 14th December 2016 Meeting

(a) Rail Fencing/Pier/Prom. Etc

Mr Nigel Gilbert asked that his presentation be moved from February to possibly April this year as there were ongoing negotiations with numerous Experts yet to be finalised. Work was in hand to formulate a sustainable business plan that would involve no extra cost on the public purse in restoring the pier. Residents were urged to visit the Trusts shop in Penrhyn Road where more information could be obtained about the work currently in hand to this effect. We look forward to Nigel’s presentation in April.

(b) Porth Eirias

Negotiations are in hand about the extractor fan. Cllr. Carlisle explained that the rock breakwater was also under discussion for attention. She told us that there was to be a meeting with Government officials shortly to discuss the critical condition of the sea wall at the Colwyn end of the promenade. The Council Engineering Department are well of the situation.

(c) Bin Collections

Still 3 weekly. It was noted that households at this week’s collection, 11th January 2017 that plastic wrapped, but not in the plastic box (because of bulk) was not taken. In some cases cardboard, separately left besides the trolleys was left behind, uncollected. It was also noted that spilt rubbish during the collection operation was left in the road, although it is appreciated that wind causes difficulties. Cllr. Carlisle noted this.

(d) Steps to Beach

Still unattended to. Network Rail again.

(e) Speeding Llysfaen Road

Noted by Special Chief Inspector Andy Moore (see his address at (4)). Residents in this area are asked to try to note details of all offending vehicles. One previously noted V599 EHN has been located at Tan y Lan Road. Special Chief Inspector Moore told us that they were aware of this, and also similar problems at other locations in the Village which are receiving attention by Road Safety Teams.

(f) Garden opposite Coed Coch Road

No futher news

(g) R.L. Davies site/site Junction of Queens Road with Endsleigh Road

Remain in very poor condition. Natural Resources Wales are aware of this. Gizzi, builder is owner of site at Queens/Endsleigh Road

(h) Rashmi Surgery

Is still currently functioning. Cllr. Carlisle is to attend meeting with the Health Board in connection with the shortly to retire doctor there on 12th January 2017.

(i) Paper Shop Frontage

No further news

(j) Web Hits

306 Unique Hits

(6) Any Other Business

(a) Community Support

It had been suggested that we do more to help elderly and lonely people in the community. As an Association, this may present organizational difficulties. However, it was felt that many individuals already do this in their own immediate neighbourhood as a matter of course. It was one of Jo Cox’s, the recently murdered MP’s main aims. All are urged to maintain vigilance to their close neighbours, especially during winter months.

(b) Learner Drivers, A55, Brompton Avenue

Learner drivers entering slip road to A55 at Brompton Avenue are unaware of prohibitions until after entering, when it is too late. Important for strangers to the area.

(c) Pool at Tan y Bryn

The pool at Tan y Bryn is overgrown, and mud etc. flows to path there.

(d) Path Cliff Road

The path from Cliff Road still requires attention.

(7) Meeting Closed

Meeting closed at 8pm

Next meeting 8th February 2017