Minutes of 14th December 2016 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Martin Richmond, Lyn and David Horsley, Gwyn Jones, Janet Gardiner, Cheryl Carlisle (Council duties) Brian Cossey (Council duties) and Janet Sutton.

(3) Police Report

Not present; however Cheryl had been in contact with the police in connection with break ins at various locations in Llysfaen Road and Peulwys Estate in sheds and out houses no doubt seeking stored seasonal presents. An elderly resident had had Christmas lighting stolen from her front garden. All are advised to be vigilant and security conscious. Extra police patrols had been promised.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary told meeting that the application for funding from Aviva had been unsuccessful. We had been up against strong competition in a national event with many worthwhile causes so needn't feel too disheartened. There had been a low voting in our favour attributable to difficulties experienced by many in accessing the link to register votes. Secretary was instructed to seek funding from the Town Council. We had a well devised plan thanks to Lianne's help suitable for use for future funding Sources.

(5) Minutes of 9th November 2016 Meeting

(a) Rail Fencing/Pier/Prom etc

Mr. Nigel Gilbert attended the meeting representing the Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust, and organization seeking to restore our pier. They were in regular contact with both Councils and Cadw. He told the meeting that there had been a lot complicated press reporting and that they would like the opportunity to address the Association in the near future. It was agreed that that this would be arranged for Wednesday, 8th February 2016. Reported that the kitchen exhaust at Porth Eirias was directed onto the child's play area. This had been reported at our Committee, and was being looked into by Cllr. Cossey.

The rock breakwater near Porth Eirias appeared incomplete in that one side of the "fishtail" was missing which may be the cause of unstable sand near the rocks presenting a possible danger to those using the beach.

(b) B.I.D.

B.I.D. Chairman report that there was no further progress. However now that Ann Openshaw was leading the venture it was hoped that local business people would respond more positively. Could flyers be distributed to the businesses involved in order to facilitate this? Ann was seeking an opportunity to address this Association in the future. Secretary to contact Ann.

Rumours that the Council use B.I.D. funding for parking furniture etc. are not true. It is in fact B.I.D. money being used by B.I.D. It was explained that all money raised by them is match funded.

(c) Bin Collections

Appear to be generally working well. Those with over 6 persons per household could have extra bins at their disposal. Christmas would be a test time for new system with the extra waste involved.

(d) Steps to beach

The barrier had been removed it was thought to facilitate entrance and exit to and from the beach. The necessary repair to the steps had not however been done.

(e) Speeding Llysfaen Road

Remains a problem with cars estimated to be travelling at 70mph. A number had been recorded at 8.30am to 9.00am on Wednesday 14th December 2016 as W637 UFM, a black car. Another car with number similar to E559 EHN had been seen parked in Tan y Lan Road near to a gold coloured car, both with faulty exhausts. Secretary would investigate this. It was impressed that residents in the area should make every effort to record accurately registration numbers of offending vehicles for police information.

(f) Garden Opposite Coed Coch Road

No further news

(g) R.L. Davies Site

Footings down for new development, but site still unkempt. It was noted also that the footings laid at the site at the junction of Queens Road and Endsleigh Road were in an ever increasing unkempt sight with mud and debris running out onto the footwalk. They were laid some years ago, but there has been no further action since.

(h) Surgery

No further news re the replacement Doctor there.

(i) Newspaper Shop Frontage

No further news

(j) Web Hits

571 unique hits. a return o previous numbers. It is thought that the inclusion of news re B.I.D. may be the reason for this.

(6) Meeting Closed

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8:45pm