Minutes of 9th November 2016 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Janet Gardner, Gwyn Jones and Martin Richmond

(3) Police Report

Gethin gave a resume of recent activity

  • Car broken into Smith Avenue, low value items stolen
  • Criminal damage, windows broken Cadwgan Road
  • Disturbance youngsters spitting outside TAPE premises, advice given
  • A warrant had been executed at premises in Tan y Lan where a quantity of class A drugs were recovered

A warrant had been executed at premises in Tan y Lan where a quantity of class A drugs were recovered

A member complained about children gathering outside the paper shop near Princess Road. Gethin noted this

There would be a police presence at the Rememberance Service on 13th November 2016, but the procession would be confied to the footpath as it progresses from Saint John's to the Memorial.

(4) Secretary's Report

Secretary reported on the progress of our application to Aviva for funding for the "Keep it Clean - No Messing" project, and nothed that only 164 voted had been registered to date.

He urged everyone to vote and encourage friends, family, and contacts to support us by visiting the site and voting: https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/16-2433

North Wales Police had posted a "tick the box" questionnaire on the web which he had completed by felt that it did not provide a satisfactory means of communication for him and would not provide it for the Association as a body. There are a series of open meetings throughout North Wales listed on the site. Please visit the North Wales Police site to complete the questionnaire if you feel it to be necessary.

(5) Treasurer's Report

£192.59 in hand

(6) Minutes of 12th October 2016 Meeting

Minutes had been circulated

(a) Rail Fencing

It had been agreed that our end of the promenade was an important part of the sea defences. Our Councillors would pursure the issue to determine the current position before any further letter from this Association.

(b) B.I.D.

The Chairman reported that there was still little news of progress. A Committee needs to be formed in order to propel matters forward. Cheryl will soon meet with the new manager, Ann Openshaw, who is expected to move things on. It is essential that Old Colwyn does not lose it's share of the funding. The last meeting was poorly attended by local business people. However, as this affects the whole Community, it is important to note that all residents have entitlement to attend, and voice their views. It is hoped that Ann Openshaw will be able to attend a future meeting of our Association.

Canon Bellamy wondered if funding could be available to floodlight Saint John's Church. Secretary promised to forward him details of any funding made available by business concerns, for example the Aviva Funding Scheme at (4) above.

A member queried the state of some street signs. Cllrs. Cossey and Carlisle were already dealing with this, and any needing attention should be noted, and reported to them.

Cllr. Carlisle told the meeting that the local youth football team would be painting the railings at the garden area near the Red Lion.

(c) Bin Collections

There appear to be no major problems to date

(d) Steps To Beach

Still not attended to. Responsibility (again) of Network Rail. The Harbour Master is aware, and taking action.

(e) Speeding Llysfaen Road

Is still a problem as motorists race up and down the hill creating noise and danger to other road users.

(f) Garden opposite Coed Coch Road

"Man's Shop" will repair the display sign situated there

(g) Lighting A547

Now attended to

(h) R.L.Davies Site, Llysfaen Road, Near Bryn Heulog

Still requires attention

(i) Pier

Mr Hunt has had his appeal refused. The County Council will shortly apply for planning permission to demolish the structure.

There have to date still been no viable business places formulated to resurrect the structure

(j) Newspaper Shop

Required by the Town Council to replace metal frames with wood, which they are to do

(7) Any Other Business

(a) Aldi Parking

Aldi is to place a barrier between it's front entrance and the entrance to the car park. The parking there is now controlled by a private firm, meaning that their original offer of parking for other than Aldi use is not now valid. Watch you don't get a fine.

(b) Crossing Dolwen Road

Planning for a crossing at Dolwen Road has been deferred after protests by Julie Fallon because of the 60mph speed limit.

(c) Cadwgan Surgery

Cllr. Carlisle has attended a Health Board meeting to highlight to problems at Cadwgan Surgery where a Doctor is retiring, and with 1,200 patients on the books, it is imperative that he is replaced as soon as possible. Further developments to be reported.

(d) Rememberance Services

Canon Bellamy reminded us that there will be a service at the War Memorial at 11:00am on Friday, 11th November 2016 for Rememberance Day, and that there will be a service at 10:00am on Sunday, 13th November 2016 at Saint John's Church.

(e) Chairman's Sunday Civic Service

On Sunday, 18th December 2016, Cll. Brian Cossey's Chairman's Sunday Civic Service will be held at Saint John's Church at 2:30pm

Association members are invited to attend

(f) School's Carol Service

On Sunday, 11th December 2016, at 3:00pm, there will be a School's Carol Service, again at Saint John's, Old Colwyn

(g) Special Constabularly Presentation

Chairman had been in touch with the Special Constabularly regarding the possibility of a member attending a meeting in order to give a presentation

(h) Help in the Community

A member had been struck with the actions of a group of teenages who had come to the assistance of one of the Association's faithful members, Mrs. Williams, whose invalidity scooter broke down recently. They carried the scooter to her home and made sure she was safe. Mrs. Williams managed to trace them with the aid of the local press. It was explained that Community awards are in existence for actions of this nature and it is nice to be able to note the positive side of youth today rather than the negative which is surely in the minority.

(8) Meeting Closed

Meeting closed at 8:05pm

Next meeting will be on 14th December 2016