Minutes of 14th September 2016 Meeting

(1) Present

Those present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Gwyn, Martin, Quentin, Police, David and Lyn Horsley, Janet Sutton, Christine and John Kirkwood.

(3) Secretary's Report

Secretary informed meeting that Janet Sutton had reported 40 "Likes" on our Facebook page, which she had set up for us. She was to be thanked for her initiative in doing this.

(4) Treasurer's Report

£189.87p in hand to date

(5) Minutes of 10th August 2016 Meeting

(a) Presentation by Lianne Martin about Fouling and Litter

It was noted that £60,000 allocated over three years to Conwy C.C. “In fact there are 100 prosecutions for dog fouling alone year on year.” Secretary had registered with Aviva to enter their scheme for organizations to formulate a project to deal with similar social problems. It was suggested that litter/dog fouling black spots could be targeted in conjunction with the Council and Police and Kingdom in a concentrated manner similar to that used in dealing with speeding motorists. A Project Plan requires putting together and submitted PRIOR TO 11th October 2016, which will be voted upon via the social media (Facebook etc.). Winners would then be able to receive a grant, which may be used to purchase cameras, employ officials etc. A new member, Gavin Davies, undertook to liaise with Secretary in the near future. Old motor cycle parts had been dumped on footpath near walk over at Tan y Lan on the rail track side.

(b) Crime/Nuisance

Burglary at 4.30pm on 12th September 2016, in Coed Coch Road. Handbag and coat stolen. Coat abandoned near Dol Ddu. Any information please?

(c) Rail Fencing/Pier etc.

No further news here

(d) B.I.D.

Chairman had been prepared to attend a meeting with suggestions which had been cancelled twice, now scheduled for 5th October 2016. There is a lot of disquiet about this scheme as it is suspected that there are no firm plans in place. It appears that local businesses had "volunteered" to pay additional rates for specific improvements, that now seem ephemeral. Cllrs Cossey and Carlise were in receipt of suggestions from David Curtis to enhance the areas of the footpaths near Station Road, Cliff Gardens and the rail bridge near the old Rail Station. He had taken photographs of the areas in question and these would be considered by the Council.

(e) Bin Collections

3 weekly bin collections are now more than likely, with some areas undergoing trial periods of 4 weekly collections. It appears that the Cabinet are virtually autonomous in their decision making under directions from the Assembly to hasten matters to save money. Our Councillors consistently point out the lack of forward planning in relation to assessing the needs and numbers of larger families and the disposal of nappies etc.

(f) Web Hits

289 unique, 557 visits and 4875 Hits. We now know thanks to Gavin that "Hits" mean where a site has contained our web site amongst others and is therefore not significant.

(g) Parking Meters

As in (e) above, they seem to be likely to happen.

(h) Steps to Beach

Although open and responsibility of Network Rail, are dangerous and require attention.

(i) Speed and Noisy Vehicles Llysfaen Road

Continued to be a problem. Also youngsters descended the road at high speed on cycles and skate boards. The Special Chief Inspector, who had promised to visit us had been seen by the Chairman, and would make the visit in the near future. It was suggested that residents may possibly man speed cameras in the location as in some areas of the country.

(j) Ragwort and Himalayan Balsam

Ragwort would only be removed if within 50 meters of grazing land of which there is none in our area although it is said to be harmful to humans.

(k) Gardens Opposite Coed Coch Road

Will be attended to by Men's Shop

(6) Any Other Business

(a) Support for Elderly

Cards distributed about an organization in Conwy for the over 65s who could receive daily meals and entertainment throughout the day for a modest sum. 27 bus route from Tan y Lan would serve well here. Sure Hope and the Interchange offer similar services.

(b) Lights near Quarry on A547 not working

Scottish Power have been informed, but are notoriously slow to respond. Accidents occur here.

(c) Leisure Centre and Tennis Courts

It is believed that the Council have always lost money from the Leisure Centre and Tennis Courts, which are regarded as a public service. These loses are then counted globally with other loss making activities.

(d) Porth Eirias Design

It was suggested that Porth Eirias was not in fact the design which was voted for by the public.

(7) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, meeting closed at 7.50pm.

Date of next meeting is 12th October 2016