Minutes of 10th August 2016 Meeting

(1) Present

All present signed the attendance sheet.

(2) Apologies

Marvin Garside, Liz Horsley, Ray and Janet Gardner, Chris Turner, Gwyn Jones, Police & Martin Richmond

(3) Presentation by Lianne Martin

Lianne Martin from Conwy County Borough Council gave an outline of the work undertaken by the Council in conjunction with Kingdom to combat litter and dog fouling. She told us that the problem was one of the 5 top complaints received by the Council. They had employed the services of Kingdom to enforce fixed penalty fines. In 2012 they had received funding of £60,000 to organize educational drives in the County at schools, produce signage, issue plastic bags etc. They have 4 Conwy Ambassadors engaged in education drives and competitions at schools and organizing "clean up" drives in affected areas, our Fairy Glen being a recent example of a clean up. Each street sign cost £35 to produce and the money is coming to an end. The problem relies on the efforts of the community by indicating trouble spots, informing the Council of miscreants etc. Cards are available for distribution with contact details. Our Association can help by organizing fund raising together with ideas for initiatives. Spray circling is already being used and it is thought that pink may be the colour to be employed in order to differentiate affected areas from the yellow road works markings. It was suggested that signs could contain indications of the extra costs to ratepayers. 100 fixed penalty notices were issued during 2015. The Council also work closely with the Dog's Trust. They have a dedicated Facebook page.

Lianne was thanked for her presentation with warm round of applause. We were supplied with a number of notices and dog bag containers for distribution.

(4) Crime/Nuisance

  • 17-18/07/16 there had been 3 break ins at Kensington Avenue and Peulwys Lane areas, thought to be connected, via insecure doors.
  • A BMW had been stolen from Tan Llwyfan by means of entry gained (again) by insecure door to steal key to BMW

Habitual locking of doors is good prevention. Coucillor Carlisle told us that Councillors had met with Chief Inspector Issac and had a productive meeting.

Special Chief Inspector Moore had promised to address the Association in the future. Canon Bellamy informed us that St. John's Church was always open to all, and in view of the recent murder in France of a vicar urged us to look in when passing. So much depends on the Community.

(5) Secretary's Report

Owing to the recent boundary changes, it had been necessary to alter the Constitution accordingly. The Chairman read out the amended Constitution to which all agreed. This will now be posted on the site.

(6) BID

Chairman's son had attended a meeting of BID on 20/7/16. He was not always able to attend, so it is imperative that Old Colwyn should have representation when money is allocated between districts. It was agreed that our Committee should meet on 31/8/16 instead of 7/9/16 and to co-opt Councillor Carlisle onto the meeting in order to form a Sub Committee to deal with the matter. Visit https://www.colwynbid.co.uk/ for further information. There is an available £130,000 for distribution. Colwyn needs a share.

(7) Rail Fencing/Prom

Part of prom to be shut w.e.f. 11/8/16. for work to commence. Cheryl and Brian had protested strongly against proposed parking meters on Prom, but are without a vote which rests solely with the Executive Committee of the Council. It is felt that this will have a detrimental effect on visitors to the Bay who park to use the beach, unlike Llandudno who park to shop in town.

Dog walkers on the beach between Cayley Promenade and Rhos are unaware dogs are not permitted on that section as there are only signs on the promenade. They therefore face a possible fine.

It was suggested that Geraint Edwards, Head of Environment, CCBC be approached to delegate someone to explain to the members the progress of Phase 2 and 3 of the promenade works.

Repairs to the roof of Porth Eirias will be effected by the builders.

With regard to the rail fencing, this Association had struggled for some 10 years with Network Rail to repair the defects. It was pointed out that some decades ago similar warnings had been ignored resulting in multi million costs to the organization when the embankment was breached by the sea.

(8) Heritage Walk

Still looking for residents to record their memories of the past for posterity.

(9) Bin Collections

Trial in Kinmel Bay yet to commence

(10) Web Hits

Unique 274, Hits 879, Total 5240.

(11) Parking Meters

As in (7) above

(12) Steps to Beach

Now known to be responsibility of Network Rail, so little hope here to help tide stranded walkers.

(13) Any Other Business

(a) Llysfaen Road

Still problems with speeding and noisy vehicles.

(b) Invasive Weeds

It was noted that there was an unusual increase in ragwort and Himalayan Balsam, both invasive weeds, and in the case of ragwort, poisonous.

(c) Gardens Opposite Coed Coch Road

It had been noted that the state of the garden area opposite Coed Coch Road needed attention to the fittings as they seemed to need painting.

(14) Meeting Closed

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8:30pm

The next meeting would be on 14/9/16.